Until now,
consumers and businesses have been on the receiving end of hack attacks. They’ve suffered through a seemingly endless cycle of cybersecurity attacks.

Now, you can fight back.

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Password SHOCK©


Give hackers / intruders the SHOCK© treatment.

Let hackers know you’re serious about your passwords and security. If an intruder tries to target your LogMeOnce account, they’ll get a warning. If they somehow came by your information in error, they’ll shirk away. And lay low. But if not — they are fair game. Give unauthorized intruders a SHOCK© and they won’t bother you again. And, you don’t have to do anything. Automated responses will go out to the intruder’s device(s) with proper warnings!

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Access a new class of protection and defense

Send SHOCK © and stop them before they succeed! Password SHOCK© is one of LogMeOnce’s many innovative and unrivaled products. The reality is there are no rules or standards in cyber attacks. It can happen at anytime. Consumers and businesses need to anticipate, defend, and protect their digital assets. Password SHOCK© gives them a way.

The entire suite of LogMeOnce products are cross-platform solutions, and implemented on multiple computing platforms and operating systems.

  • – Desktop: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • – Mobile: iOS, Android
  • – Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer



Detect & Deploy Counter Measures…

If anyone tries to steal your passwords or hack your account, You can get payback.
The LogMeOnce security platform gives you the power to protect your digital assets and security credentials. And do so with the kind of principles that hackers lack. If an intruder tries to target your LogMeOnce account, they’ll get a warning. If they try again, you’ve caught them in the act and can strike back Password SHOCK© !

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Let intruders run away and never touch your account again. Remember, every single threat is costly and would affect your digital assets. Cyber threats become more damaging as the domino effects engulf your accounts. Give them the shock! Its all automated, so you do not have do anything. Be vigilant, and stay proactive.

What is Password SHOCK©?

Build your defense in advanceAutomatically receive “Hack Alert”.
Set up your account so that anyone trying to use an unauthorized password gets thrown off by a SHOCK. Set it up so your hacker’s mobile device will continuously vibrate, and obnoxious loud music will play on their phone or computer. How long you annoy the hacker is up to you (predefined, adjustable time, volume, and duration). Protect your account against anyone who attempts to hack or even tries an unauthorized password to log in. If they insist on moving forward, then… 

Prepare to SHOCK ©
Do these things every time an intruder attempts entry!



Account Freeze

You can freeze access to your account for as long as you wish. If you ever get the sense that there’s suspicious activity in your digital life—while traveling, using public WiFi, or out and about—and wish to prevent anyone (hackers too) from gaining access to your account, you can freeze access to your LogMeOnce account from any device. Simply select for how long!

Once you initiate an account freeze, no transactions or activity can occur. You can specify that only access from computers is prohibited while allowing access from a specific “trusted” mobile device (or vice versa) to unfreeze your account.

When you freeze your account, no one other than you can access your account but outsiders won’t be alerted about the freeze. Any attempts at logging in by an intruder will be blocked—although on the surface everything will appear normal.

Additionally, we will record any traces of unwelcome attempts to your accounts—intruders won’t know that we’re collecting hacker’s metadata for you, creating a detailed chronology of every single attempt with date and time stamp, IP address, GPS, images, etc.

Take a Test Drive

Go beyond kicking the tiresDon’t put off protecting your passwords any longer. Use this simulation to get a feel for what it will look like when unauthorized attempts are made.

Click on attempted step, and audio will play.

  • 1st attempt = If wrong answer, show “User does not exist or invalid password.”
  • 2nd attempt = If wrong answer, show message “Device pairing or Login issue?”
  • 3rd attempt = If wrong answer, show “ Final Warning Message.
  • 4th attempt = Display STOP + Password SHOCK © Siren
  • 5th attempt = Captcha + Password SHOCK © Shake Screen + Burst Music
  • 6th attempt = Captcha + Password SHOCK © Device Vibrate + Siren
  • 7th attempt = Captcha + Password SHOCK © Morse Code Screen + Burst Music
  • 8th attempt = Captcha + Password SHOCK © Morse Code Flash + Siren
  • 9th attempt = Captcha + Password SHOCK © Shake Screen + Siren
  • 10th attempt = Delay + Captcha + SHOCK © Device Vibrate + Siren
  • 11th attempt = Delay + Captcha + SHOCK © Morse Code Screen + Burst Music
  • 12th attempt = Delay + Captcha + SHOCK © Morse Code Flash + Siren

Note: This is an automated simulation only. The actual software imposes restrictions, vibrates the devices, shakes the screen, and turns on the flash light, air siren audio, or music. It could also freeze the account if the owner chooses that option.

Warding off Hack Attacks

No intruder wants anyone to see their list of looming user showdowns (including the hacker’s own metadata). They worked hard to cut through the complexity and challenge of gaining access to that information — their standing is threatened if the failed hack unravels their own shield.

Your payback could mean unorthodox and unknown chaos will ensue on the hacker — it could turn their own system into an unwilling broadcast of their precious data. Serves them right!

Automatically fend-off attackers. Let hackers or intruders wonder what else you have at your disposal. Let them put on sunglasses and a ski mask, and mask their location or MAC address. You’ll figure them out! After all, no matter how advanced a hacker might be, no matter how well they THINK they’ve masked their IP & GPS addresses, you can still collect helpful metadata…

The intruder simply leaves and moves on to an easier-to-target account that is not vigilantly protected like yours! Think about it: They do NOT want the imbroglio you’ve threatened to throw at them!


Premium edition Password Manager +

Password SHOCK ©

Unlimited Apps3 incidents limit

See Hacker’s Metadata

Hackers live in fear of detection. Now, you get to see intruder’s information!

With Password SHOCK © you can fight back and send SHOCKS © to the intruder, and force them stop immediately. Once they catch on that you can fight back, they’ll disappear and move on to an easier-to-target account that’s not as vigilantly protected as yours!

With LogMeOnce Mugshot you can collect and use intruders’ pertinent metadata, and help to get their wheels come off the wagon and undermine their ability. Hackers / intruders do not want to reveal any data about themselves. However, even if they put on sunglasses and mask their location or MAC address, you are able to collect valuable metadata that are useful to connect the dots and trace it back to a source.

Click to see hacker’s own data

How It Works

The psychology of hack attacks

Hackers are in a constant race against time
Bad news is not good for hackers. They worry that anytime news of a hack attack on a group of individuals or a company comes out, people will rush to adjust their security controls and change their passwords. All their effort goes to waste. That is why hackers hack you — they’re looking for everyday end users they assume don’t think much about account protection.

You have time and knowledge on your side. With LogMeOnce Password SHOCK© you are immediately notified if an attempt or an unauthorized log-in takes place. The best part: You have a response ready to go. You don’t have to do a thing. Your response will automatically go out to the intruder’s device with a proper warning!

If an intruder is wandering around and stumbles across your account, you can assume at first that it’s an innocent mistake. The LogMeOnce unrivaled security platform provides you with distinct options. You can give a fair warning, to give the intrude a chance to stop before you go ahead and collect their own data that their device is willingly broadcasting!

How to Avoid Getting Hacked


Are you set up to be a
defenseless target?

Sitting Duck Definition:

A person or password without
protection against attacks or other
sources of danger.


Or do you want to be an
active deterrent!?

SHOCK © Definition:

Fight back, make preemptive
strikes and get justice before
hackers try to push through!


LogMeOnce Password SHOCK © intelligently senses cyber attacks and
deploys counter measures. That is the power of Preemptive SHOCK ©.

Security breach – It’s not a joke

The revolving door

Hackers tend to be repeat offenders. Once they find a way to grab an individual’s digital assets or a company’s database, they will come back for more. After all, they got past the hard part—and their sudden access can make way for more victims, like your coworkers, your family, and friends.

Stop them before they succeed! You want to catch them during their attempt, not when they actually have their hand in the cookie jar (reaching for your passwords).

You need to be able to detect if someone is trying to break into our account. So you can respond. Fortunately, LogMeOnce has automated the detection and reaction process for you.

What to keep in mind

Avoid headaches.
Eliminate damaging costs.
Automatically deflect threats.
Take your security to the next level by thwarting hack attacks.

The bizarre illusion

Never be naive and think “Oh, I am so good that I won’t be hacked!” Instead, be prepared and be proactive. The ramifications are serious. When it comes to getting hacked, damages are paramount, and all boundaries fall as hackers and account intruders may engage in unauthorized attempts for their own reasoning.

Action movies make hacking look more interesting than it actually is. But to get anywhere, real-life hackers have to sift through codes and layers and layers of data while searching for your vulnerabilities. Keep in mind your passwords may be stored in your system in many ways and may only be supposedly protected by hashing, salting, tokens, and 2FA. What you need, if you’re not already, is a password manager that protects and encrypts it all.

Set up your account so that if anyone tries to enter a password, they will get one fair warning. And if they persist, then they get the SHOCK, and an obnoxious loud music on their phone or computer. Let them run away and never touch your account again. It’s LogMeOnce Password SHOCK©.

Security Notice to Intruders

Perhaps you arrived here innocently. However…

If you are attempting unauthorized access to this account, LogMeOnce Mugshot will take your picture, audio, video, GPS location, IP address, and other identifying data. Additionally, LogMeOnce Password SHOCK© will reciprocate your actions and may send you warning messages to stop immediately. You do not want to experience these consequences.

LogMeOnce end users are on a secure network. If you continue trying to break in, then you are fair game. Your information, including metadata, will be collected for legal action and may be published for public consumption. If you do not want your information exposed and used by others, then stop now. Respect the data privacy of others.

You are accessing a LogMeOnce user-base information system, which includes: 1) this application, 2) this application and computer network, 3) all applications and computers connected to this network, and 4) all devices and storage media attached to this network or to a computer on this network.This is a LogMeOnce application and computer system, which may be accessed and used only for authorized LogMeOnce business by authorized end-users. Intentional hack attack, intentional/unintentional intrusion against “any” LogMeOnce end-users, unauthorized access or use of any end-user’s account, their data, this application and computer system may be subject violators to criminal, civil, and/or other legal actions.

If you plan a hack/intrusion against a LogMeOnce account holder, end-user, and/or LogMeOnce network, all information on your computer system may be intercepted, recorded, read, copied, and disclosed by and to authorized personnel for official purposes, including criminal & civil prosecution. Such information includes sensitive data encrypted to comply with confidentiality and privacy requirements.

Hackers & intruders, you understand and consent to the following: Access or use of this computer system by any person, whether authorized or unauthorized, constitutes consent to these terms. Visit LogMeOnce legal section for additional information.


LogMeOnce vigorously prosecutes any infringements
of our patents and intellectual property.

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