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  • Password Management

    Protect your passwords on all your devices
  • Secure & Private Browser

    Shake off the followers and browse the Internet with confidence Read more

  • Mugshot

    Snap your hacker's photo, GPS, map, IP. And keep hackers aways! Watch Video

  • Password Dialer / Generator

    Point your finger on the dial, rotate & create a new password Read more

  • Automatic Password Changer

    Time is money! Quickly change 100 passwords with a single click Read more

  • 2FA, Federated USB Login

    SMS, Voice, Email, USB Token, Google Authenticator, and x.509 Read more

  • Secure Backup & Restore

    Get peace of mind, protect and encypt your data with backup Read more

  • Password Beneficiary

    Assign a beneficiary or provide heir access to multiple people Read more

  • Top Features

    See detailed features such as Fingerprint biometrics, Scorecard,... Read more

  • Comparison Table

    See more products and a detailed comparison table Read more

  • "This program lets you snap a photo of whoever’s trying to hack you"