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Since 1995  we have invented award-winning security products.

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LogMeOnce Launches
Encrypted Password Manager

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LogMeOnce Creates and Stores
Clever Passwords


This program lets you snap a photo of
whoever’s trying to hack you

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LogMeOnce Adds Kill-Pill
Technology to Authentication

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Strike back against hackers
by pestering them to no end

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Password-Less Password Manager

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Auto Login + Two-Factor Authentication

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Automatic Password Generator

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Autofill + Secure Notes + Secure Wallet


Secure Share

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Our Value Proposition… A better way to protect yourself & business online.


Traditional Password Chasing

Memorizing, writing down passwords on sticky notes, Excel sheet, and using the same weak Passwords in many accounts. The chase never ends with bad password habits.

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Password-Less Login

Log in without entering a password.
In the Password-Less era it’s simple and secure to log in to all your accounts. Patented LogMeOnce Password-Less login includes automatic 2FA protection.

Do you still think you do not need better password protection?

21, 303, 382, 369


Yahoo accounts were compromised  in the largest data breach. Numbers are far higher when you add up other applications & vendors.


In most breaches, attackers take minutes or less to compromise systems.

(source: Verizon)


Average total cost of a data breach

(source: IBM)


Average time to identify a data breach

(source: IBM)


See our Identity theft Data Breach Report

The key to stopping Identity Theft and Account Takeover (ATO) is to prevent it BEFORE something happens..!

We are Extra Secure and more Powerful than all others combined.

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Powerful Password Management

With a single click, access all of your passwords on the LogMeOnce dashboard. SSO allows secure log in for all Apps.

Autofill, Strong Password Generator, Secure Notes, Secure Documents, Secure Wallet, Secure Sharing, Two-Factor Authentication & more. See details.

Comprehensive Security Policies

Security is more than trying to protect passwords by encryption. It’s a process validated by experience and security best practices.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Scorecard tracks the password’s success factors in four ways: it’s essence, strength, daily usage and access activities.

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Goodbye, Passwords.
Hello, PasswordLess

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I login without passwords.

Passwords are a nightmare, and leave traces behind for hackers to pick up! Ditch the password. Simplify your life. My login is PasswordLess


I approve access via my phone!

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Now, I am logged in without passwords.

Free from hassles, worries, duplicates, keyloggers, or weak passwords. No more…

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