Goodbye, Şifreler. Merhaba, şifresiz Girişi



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For PasswordLess access, click the PhotoLogin PC monitörünüzde simgesi. Approve or reject the photo you receive on the phone.

Access is granted to your desktop.
Enjoy PasswordLess access with PhotoLogin.


Goodbye Passwords & Facial Recognition

ile giriş senin selfie photo yerine.

daha hızlı kimlik yapmak & basit. PhotoLogin patentli teknoloji, bir parola yazmadan herhangi bir web sitesine giriş sağlayan, veya yüz tanıma araçları kullanmak.

Tüketiciler artık yüz biyometri ile rahat güvenen 3. parti veritabanları hissediyorum. Ayrıca doğru olarak kullanmak zor, users get frustrated, and it’s not even safer (hacked facial biometrics).

Relying solely on passwords as a security measure is bad enough, but adding facial recognition is even worse.


Hoşçakal şifreleri.
Hoşçakal yüz tanıma.


insan kimlik doğrulaması hoş geldiniz PhotoLogin.


How PhotoLogin İşleri

Goodbye, Şifreler. Bir fotoğraf çekin, ve ile giriş senin selfie yerine

PhotoLogin patentli ve patent bekleyen teknoloji bir parola yazmadan herhangi bir web sitesine giriş sağlayan. Fotoğrafınız veya bir görüntü ile giriş yapın. SEN vardır YENİ kimlik Kurumu.

Play Videocp 1No passwords needed here! When it’s time to log in, sadece bir fotoğraf için poz. Tıkla PhotoLogin masaüstünüzde simgesi. We will send the photo it takes to your (previously designated as trusted) mobile device.


Once you have clicked on “Yes It’s me!" Mobil cihazınızda, erişim masaüstünüze verilecek. Bu kadar basit ve kullanıcı dostu!
Enjoy PasswordLess access with PhotoLogin.


Upon receiving a secure photo on your mobile device (iOS & Android), you get to approve or reject access. Swipe right to see incoming access request details such as IP address, GPS, ve daha. Swipe left to see geo-location and map for where the request was initiated from. SEN get to authenticate Yourself!


The Power of PhotoLogin

Human authentication, dynamic technology, and millisecond photo intelligence

To foil hackers, you need to be able to authenticate yourself with information only you know.

LogMeOnce PhotoLogin patented and patent-pending technology gives you the power by taking an instant photo of one moment in time. Your authentication factor can change in a millisecond, whether you’re showing off your cufflinks or holding a stapler. How could hackers possibly know how you will pose or what you will be wearing to log in? Onlar bile fotoğrafın sahneyi bilmiyorum, arka plan, renk, duvar, pencereler, ya da oda havasını!

Each photo has a story to tell

Facial recognition tools can only focus on one small area of the face, they’re clunky to use, and they rely on historical images. Such products can only compare your facial biometrics to a pre-saved image either in your own device or on a centralized server.

By capturing an entire image in an instant, the patented and patent-pending technology of PhotoLogin enables users to quickly and easily authenticate themselves and gain access to their own accounts. PhotoLogin provides millisecond intelligence and accuracy that surpass the potential of facial recognition. PhotoLogin captures an entire unique image, enabling us humans to confirm that a unique image, its surroundings, and background are real.

We have humanized the authentication process. You are the Human Authenticator. Start protecting yourself, without the need to use passwords again. Goodbye, Şifreler.

oku mm'lik

Enjoy Multiple Login Options:


görsel OTP

hiçbir Webcam? Telaşa gerek yok!
Bilgisayarınızda bir web kamerası yok ya da çalışmıyor değilse, Hala yararlanabilir PhotoLogin ve kendi masaüstü bir gerçek görüntü hakkı ile kendinizi kimlik doğrulaması. A One Time Password (OTP) is independently generated and promptly displayed on both your PC and mobile device so that you can visually compare both OTP codes. görsel OTP is an unrivaled new feature of LogMeOnce.

acil Erişim
Eğer acil erişim izni gerekiyor mu? PhotoLogin and Visual OTP serve as verification if a known trusted party must access your account (Böyle acil durumlarda eşiniz olarak). şifreleri yazın gerek yok. onların fotoğraf veya Visual OTP kodunu kontrol!

Ek Doğrulama Faktörü
Görsel OTP LogMeOnce en çok faktörlü yöntem parçasıdır. Her resim benzersiz ile ispatlanmıştır görsel OTP kod. Oturum açma isteği yaptığınızda mühür yerel bilgisayarınızda oluşturulur, ve daha sonra bilgisayar monitörü hem görüntülenen ve görüntü telefonunuzda alırsınız. Görsel OTP ekstra bir koruma katmanı ve ek bir kimlik doğrulama faktörü.



Advantage of Two-Factor Authentication

Why You Need Two-Factor Authentication Against Cyber Attackers
Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security method in which the user provides two layers or pieces of identification. Bu iki savunma katmanları ile kimlik bilgilerini korumak anlamına gelir — something that you “know + have.” LogMeOnce offer 2FA, 3FA, and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

What is Automatic 2FA
Instant protection and instant access: You don’t have to answer some question or type in another password. You automatically get the extra layer security of 2FA without the hassle, and you get fast access to your data. And the best part, LogMeOnce is FREE.


Enjoy Multiple Factors of Authentication
Why PhotoLogin is the next generation in secure authentication

Each photo has a story to tell, and captures background and scene information that adds to your security and distinction, or distinct authentication

Traditional passwords are risky, typically weak and fall victim to hacks, and duplication of login information. In contrast, and by default, PhotoLogin adds multiple-factor of authentication and lets users authenticate themselves to ensure that login information cannot be duplicated. The photo expires in 60 seconds and is not stored anywhere, so your photo “password” is unique every single time. If you don’t want to snap a photo of yourself, you can take a photo of any object nearby like the mug you are drinking out, making it easy for each user to identify themselves. The PhotoLogin process happens in seconds and ensures the user is in control of their account and is protected from hackers. If you detect an intruder, you have the power to block them, rather than your account being authenticated by a robot or server.

Traditional Authentication

LogMeOnce Authentication


Authentication Factor

çaprazYour method of authentication

Are you still using passwords!? Why?
Duplicitous passwords are known to be weak, forgetful, hackable, vulnerable, and they are regularly duplicated and compromised.

keneLogMeOnce method

PhotoLogin Şifre iseAz.
No more passwords. No need to remember anything at all. No worries about duplicate passwords or the need to change them regularly. At the time of login, sadece bir fotoğraf için poz. Or you can display any object to log in. It’s secure, simple, and user-friendly.

1st Factors
LogmeOnce offers you multiple options for your 1st factor. Chose one, or switch to different 1st factors as often as you like.

  • photologin
  • fingerprint
  • pinkodu
  • şifre

The Dangers of Facial Recognition

LogMeOnce never uses old-school technology, including facial recognition software.
The US government studies of facial recognition have found high rates of both “false positives” (wrongly granting access) ve “false negatives” (not providing access). One problem is that our faces do not stay the same over time. Here are more reasons for facial recognition’s failure;

  1. Pose
  2. Illumination
  3. Expression
  4. Makeup
  5. Facialmarks
  6. Plastic Surgery
  7. Beard vs no beard
  8. Smallpox / plague / psoriasis / burns
  9. Aging (a natural biological change)

Relying solely on passwords as a security measure is bad enough, but adding facial recognition is even worse. It’s hard to use correctly, users get frustrated, and it’s not even safer (hacked facial biometrics).

At least with fingerprint biometrics, we have alternatives if something goes wrong. The one finger you used got compromised? Chances are you have nine more to choose from to get authenticated and back into your account or device. The same can’t be said for your face. With facial biometrics, you’ve got just one way to prove you are you — your one beautiful face. You put it at risk if your facial biometrics database gets hacked While circulating around different third-party vendors’ servers (yes, it can happen). Unlike a password, you cannot simply reset it. Your only option might be a hospital visit to replace your facial biometrics. That’s painful, costly, and has domino side-effects that would affect your entire life.

Unlike facial recognition tools, PhotoLogin does not require your facial biometrics. PhotoLogin snaps a regular photo, and uses each photo just ONCE, or automatically self-destructs in 60 seconds. PhotoLogin is fast, user-friendly, and won’t get tripped up during transmission.


PhotoLogin is 100% accurate

6906827mikromObjective Data Vs. Facial Recognition

The LogMeOnce PhotoLogin patented technology is built with “Objective Data.” So unlike Facial Recognition products, we do not require a user to blink, wink, tilt their head, or shake their body!

Those products can’t validate an image without false/positive or false/negative results. Our technology is intelligent, 100% accurate, and has advanced far beyond such requirements. It’s also fast and won’t get tripped up during transmission.

Go with the user-friendly and reliable option. With PhotoLogin, users do not have to blink or pull their hair to access their own data.

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