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Store passwords in the cloud or offline in your computer

Since 2011, LogMeOnce has been the only company to offer both options. Save your credentials in the secure cloud storage, or pick local storage in your own home computer/ server. Either way, your passwords are encrypted in your own local machine.

  • Store passwords in the secure cloud
  • Store passwords in your computer only

Cloud Mode

All your usernames and passwords are first encrypted with military-grade AES-256 on your computer, and then transferred to the LogMeOnce secure cloud service. This is ideal for individuals who need to access their credentials from multiple locations (home, office, hotel, etc.) and multiple devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android). Easily access from anywhere in the world.

Desktop Mode (offline)

Concerned about cloud storage? If you prefer to keep your passwords with you, and not on a cloud service, then this option is for you. You can store your usernames and passwords on your own computer. Your data remains encrypted in your computer only, and is not stored on our cloud service. Keep in mind you can only use your data on your computer. To access from other systems or locations, or to travel with your passwords, please add “LogMeOnce Portable edition.” Your passwords will stay encrypted both on your desktop and/or on the LogMeOnce secure USB.

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