LogmeOnce CEO Kevin Shahbazi: Do Not Change Your Passwords Until Heartbleed Bug is Fixed

Кућа - Саопштење - LogmeOnce CEO Kevin Shahbazi: Do Not Change Your Passwords Until Heartbleed Bug is Fixed
Апр 15, 2014 LogmeOnce CEO Kevin Shahbazi: Do Not Change Your Passwords Until Heartbleed Bug is Fixed

In the wake of the Heart bleed Bug, some inexperienced vendors are suggesting users change their passwords, but this won’t protect them from further attacks

WASHINGTON, Д.Ц., Април 15, 2014 — Last week, the Heart bleed bug was discovered. Since then, many companies and a few inexperienced security vendors have rushed to put out ill-advised statements. One of those theories is that users need to immediately change their passwords so they can maintain their online security. According to LogmeOnce CEO and security expert Kevin Shahbazi, this will not only not protect you, it could increase your risk of a cyber attack.

“Users should not change their passwords right now, it will not help the situation,"Каже Схахбази. “The problem with sites affected by the Heart bleed Bug is that hackers can visibly see your passwords. And until the infected sites clear up the problem themselves, it is advisable not to change your password. And be careful because the Heart bleed Bug affects more than just websites, it can also get into smart phones, security cameras, switches, virtual private networks, company video conferences, итд. It’s a very serious security issue and that can’t be overstated.”

This problem stems from the fact that the majority of people rely on one layer of protection (ек. ССЛ). LogmeOnce believes security is a multi-layered approach to build your defenses. Because LogmeOnce doesn’t use a third-party USB sticks, their military-grade, 26-layer encryption method operates entirely within the LogmeOnce system, пружајући још бољу заштиту.
This is the only company in the market that offers one unified solution a software key and a hardware key without the need for third party integration, која значи још већу сигурност за крајње кориснике.

Свеже својим искуством у повереничке Дигитал, који је купио МцАфее у 2010, founders Kevin and Mike Shahbazi launched LogmeOnce on April 3. The LogmeOnce password manager lets users securely log in from any device with a master password. LogmeOnce is the only company in the market that provides users with multiple options to save their credentials and store in an encrypted cloud, their own desktop or a LogmeOnce USB. Он такође подржава аутентификацију више фактора, што ће значајно смањити количину времена и труда корисници морају да управљају својим налозима дајући им мир.

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