Secure USB Storage


Encrypted USB + 2FA Token + Password Manager

We are all accustomed to USB drive conveniences, its practical size, portable nature, and ability to copy/save/transfer gigabytes of data files. Most of us may know that the likelihood of losing or misplacing one is high. The problem is paramount, when there is data stored on the USB.

LogmeOnce Secure USB protects us against large-scale misery from such tiny devices. Each LogmeOnce SecureUSB is embedded with an identification token called Security Data Object technology (SDO). The embedded SDO in each USB is a security identification token that gets activated upon software registration and is paired up with a user’s unique credentials to ensure maximum security and privacy. LogmeOnce software detects any tampering with the USB via embedded security architecture and SDO.

LogmeOnce Multi-Purpose USB is packed with Extra Features!

In addition to numerous features, LogmeOnce SecureUSB doubles as a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Token as well. And YOU are the ONLY one who has the encryption key to your SecureUSB.

Secure File Deletion (Military-Grade)

Unlike a typical file deletion that masks contents, LogmeOnce employs an advanced scrambling method to wipe the USB drive out.

Employing military grade encrypted attacks for data destruction, LogmeOnce adds more entropy and variation to disrupt the data in various ways, known as 0000000111111111000000001111111.

You are also protected against erroneous password attempts. LogmeOnce USB is “locked and encrypted” using AES-256, and SALT & HASH using SHA-256 military-grade technology. Any unauthorized attempts, will take the device to lock-down position. LogmeOnce SecureUSB is affordable and very inexpensive.

LogmeOnce: The most Secure USB + Password Manager

Secure Internet Browsing


Privacy Protection: Stop Leaving Traces Behind

Think of your identity, all the passwords, browser history, cookies, cache, and the host of files you are constantly creating every time that you access internet, or log in to any account. In total, they amount to your identity and probably your livelihood. You are constantly creating and leaving important traces on every computer and device you use. Now, add to this the challenge of protecting your privacy and additional risks caused by this innocent behavior.

Furthermore, not everyone knows what these traces are or where they reside on their computer, never mind when and how to securely remove them. They also may not have the time, interest or ability to delete so many unwanted traces every time they exit an account. As a result, such data can take up valuable hard drive space and slow down their computer, taking away from their overall productivity, while increasing their risk.

What if, you collect these on your SecureUSB? No traces left behind for hackers to find!

Without LogmeOnce’s SecureUSB, you are leaving behind key information that is an invitation for trouble. In fact, hackers’ password-guessing games begin with their sniffing around the kind of data that’s just idling and resting around your hard drive. LogmeOnce makes it easy for you to enjoy a secure logout, by effectively protecting your identity, each and every time that you log out from your apps. We protect it all in concert with FIPS 140-2 Validated engine. With LogmeOnce, you are raising the bar for hackers. By making their job more difficult, they will give up and move on to the next, easier target — which won’t be you. Poof! It’s out of hackers’ hands!
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Hundreds of Apps are pre-integrated for you by LogmeOnce:

  • airfc
  • drop_0
  • yaho
  • gmail
  • gwu
  • gm
  • relttc
  • facbook_0
  • junpr
  • sap
  • umd
  • myspace_0
  • chrm
  • twtr
  • adp
  • pnc
  • hotml
  • tyta
  • klm
  • nfl
  • eby
  • cti
  • flickr
  • cmnap
  • evrnot
  • blogr
  • amzn
  • luf
  • blogr_0
  • tumblr
  • quick
  • jal
  • ford

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