LogmeOnce Integrates Biometrics for Samsung Fingerprint Readers

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Apr 17, 2015LogmeOnce Integrates Biometrics for Samsung Fingerprint Readers

Samsung fingerprint reader’s integration enables secure login to LogmeOnce and accessible single sign-on to every app, while adding the extra security benefits of biometrics

Washington, DC., Aprilie 17, 2015 - LogmeOnce, noul sistem revoluționar de securitate și administrare a parolelor, today unveiled the integration of Samsung fingerprint readers with LogmeOnce Password Management Suite. The fingerprint biometrics authentication method facilitates secure access to the LogmeOnce vault instead of typing in a master password or using a weak passcode or PIN.

gmeOnce biometrics provides a secure authentication alternative for accessing apps by letting users easily swipe a fingerprint. Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Notă 4, and Note Edge are among supported devices. LogmeOnce employs users’ preexisting fingerprint data as long as it is available in their device, hence there is no need to re-register another fingerprint.

“Secure access and login have always been important topics, especially in the light of massive security breaches hitting the government as well as leading enterprises around the world. No one can afford not to be proactive,” says Kevin Shahbazi, CEO of the hardware and software password management company. “In addition to fingerprint authentication, LogmeOnce also supports other methods of authentication such as passwords and passcodes.”

With finger biometrics, you can set it up once and never have to remember it as you are always carrying your authentication device (finger) with you. For anyone who takes privacy and security seriously, two-factor authentication with finger biometrics establishes an important security layer and a superb defensive mechanism.

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Ajutând în mod confidențial consumatorii și organizațiile să-și protejeze identitatea, date și informații cu soluții de gestionare a identității și accesului, LogmeOnce se dezvoltă, comercializează și acceptă o conectare unică sigură și sigură, Suită de productivitate Identity and Access Management. În ultimele două decenii, echipa de management executiv LogmeOnce a câștigat o reputație globală pentru inovatoare, standards-based security solutions and has captured numerous national and international industry awards. Ca furnizor de software independent (ISV), Suita de securitate LogmeOnce include o gamă largă de produse, soluții de productivitate, aplicații criptografice și securitate electronică. LogmeOnce comercializează și vinde soluțiile sale în întreaga lume direct și printr-o varietate de parteneri. For more information about LogmeOnce, please visit www.LogmeOnce.com, call (800).935.4619, fax 866.732.0324, or email Media@LogmeOnce.com.

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