Do you want strong security online?

Get the convenience of secure passwords, so you don’t have to think about it.  

No credit card required

No credit card required

The most powerful solution for keeping you safer online

Store all your passwords easily

You can easily save or import your passwords so you’ll always have them in one place and
encrypted for security. Log in seamlessly--even without a password!

Secure other information, too

Save files, insurance cards, WiFi passwords, notes, credit card and shipping info safely so you can access when you need but not worry about being compromised.

Fill out online forms faster

LogMeOnce can autofill online forms with your securely saved information, like name, address, email and other details.

Use on multiple devices

Use LogMeOnce across your multiple devices with the desktop version for your web browsers, and mobile app for your smart phone or tablet.

Generate new, stronger 
passwords in an instant

LogMeOnce Password Generator provides a quick way to generate very secure passwords without you having to remember them.

Share passwords securely
when you need

LogMeOnce Password Generator provides a quick way to generate very secure passwords without you having to remember them.

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  •   Protect Yourself
  •   10 GB Encrypted Storage
  •   Unlimited Passwords
  •   Unlimited Autofill
  •   Unlimited Devices & Sync
  •   Unlimited Secure Sharing
  •   Unlimited Secure Notes
  •   Unlimited Credit Cards
  •   Password Generator
  •   Advanced 2FA/MFA Authentication
  •   Account & Apps Beneficiary
  •   Emergency Access
  •   Priority Technical Support
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  •   Protect 6 Family Members
  •    10 GB Encrypted Storage
  •   Unlimited Passwords
  •   Unlimited Autofill
  •   Unlimited Devices & Sync
  •   Unlimited Secure Sharing
  •   Unlimited Secure Notes
  •   Unlimited Credit Cards
  •   Password Generator
  •   Advanced 2FA/MFA Authentication
  •   Account & Apps Beneficiary
  •   Emergency Access
  •   Comprehensive Reporting
  •   Family Manager Dashboard
  •   Priority Technical Support
Enterprise Password Manager
  •   Protect Your Company
  •    Auto Login to your sites
  •   Dedicated secure vault for each user
  •   Securely share with your team
  •   User and group management
  •   Policy & administration console
  •   PasswordLess Login
  •   Single Sign-On (SSO) and SAML 2.0
  •   Security audit trail & Activity report
  •   Policy based enterprise 2FA/MFA
  •   Active Directory (AD) integration
  •   Real-time AD provisioning
  •   Roles Based Access Control (RBAC)
  •   Fine-grained access control
  •   Tons of other enterprise features
  •   Priority Technical Support

Use LogMeOnce Risk Free

Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee leaves you completely protected when you purchase LogMeOnce. We ensure complete satisfaction with our products. When you place an order, you will received a full working version of our software, not a demo or a time-limited version. If you are not satisfied with the product, let us know within 30 calendar days of purchase and we will give you a refund.

Frequently asked questions

What is a password manager?

LogMeOnce password manager is a software application that helps organize and secure your online account information, like usernames and passwords. Password managers are designed to add more security by storing passwords in an encrypted database, which you access by logging in with a master password. 

Also, LogMeOnce  password managers include a “password generator” tool. This is a tool that uses algorithms to produce a randomized string of characters. These characters create a longer, complicated, random password for each of your online accounts.  With the more complicated passwords and storing them in an encrypted database, LogMeOnce password managers help prevent identity theft.

How is a password manager different from saving passwords in my browser?

Most popular website browsers, like Chrome, Safari or Firefox, offer to store your passwords to your accounts to make it easy to log in the next time you use them. It’s convenient, since passwords can be a pain to remember and keep track of! Who wants to type in a password each time you log in, anyway? Especially if you are using a large number of online accounts, and use complex passwords.

The password manager on your web browser is better than nothing. It does make things easier. 

However, there are drawbacks. It can be fairly easy to view passwords in a modern browser. If someone would access your device and open your browser--all your passwords could be accessed (each browser is a little different in how they save or display passwords).

Plus, if you use different browsers on different devices (for example, perhaps you use Safari on your iPhone, and Chrome on a laptop), you can end up with multiple sets of saved passwords in multiple locations. 

If you use LogMeOnce, you can save all your passwords in one account. Then you can use that one account within any browser you choose, and on your different devices and totally secure in all your devices and browsers.

What keeps my information in LogMeOnce secure?

You can think of LogMeOnce password manager like an “online secure and encrypted book” of your passwords, that’s locked with a master key that only you know.

The unique thing about LogMeOnce is that you can secure your passwords with another layer of security, in several different ways--so you can choose which method suits you. You can enable “two-factor authentication” (also called “2FA”) on your LogMeOnce account. What this does is adds one more step to logging into your account, by requiring a verification from your mobile device. 

So, when you log into LogMeOnce on your computer, you can get a notification on your mobile device to confirm your identity. That can be a PIN code that you type in, or a thumbprint, or a face ID or by taking a selfie. (Learn about how that works here.)

How easy is it to start using LogMeOnce?

It as simple as 3 steps: sign up, install in your web browser, and start saving your passwords!

Additionally, you can download the mobile app, and install in other web browsers if you use more than one.

Can I use LogMeOnce for free forever?

Yes, you can! The LogMeOnce free plan gives you password management features, and it is supported by minimal ads.

What do I get with the Premium Edition 7-day trial?

LogMeOnce Ultimate/Family offers more features, storage and options than the standard free premium version. You can store more data (like files, notes, credit cards). If you have a family or team, you can securely share more passwords with others if you choose. Your dashboard is customizable, you can set up Emergency Access in case you ever need it, you get advanced multi-factor identification, premium support and other features not available in the free version.

How am I charged if I purchase Premium,  Ultimate or Family Edition?

LogMeOnce is set up on an annual billing cycle. If you sign up, you can cancel within 30 days risk-free, no questions asked, and get your money back. Try it out and see what you think!

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