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Password Cost ROI —Find Out Your Loss or Savings

As you adjust the scale to match your business = it calculates estimated
savings or costs of weak passwords in your business.

[ROI_INVESTMENT_HSK label_1=”Number of Employees” label_2=”Number of passwords used per employee, per day” label_3=”Employee/Helpdesk hourly rate” label_4=”Number of passwords per employee (industry average)” label_5=”Number of Helpdesk calls per employee, per year” label_6=”Wish to fix other worries ?” label_7=”Add Dark Web Monitoring Cost (Manual Monitoring Without LogMeOnce)” label_7a=”Add Data Breach Cost (Source: IBM Security Report 2020 cost per incident)” label_8=”Show Advanced Options” label_9=”Time required to manually create a complex password (Time in seconds)” label_10=”Login time to manually enter username/password (Sec.)” label_11=”Time to manually check each email and password in the Dark Web (Sec.)” label_12=”% of password related Tech Support calls (by HDI)” label_13=”Working days per month” label_14=”Your Business Loss Without LogMeOnce” label_15=”LogMeOnce Enterprise Edition Investment” label_16=”Annual Savings Created by LogMeOnce” label_16a=”Your Whopping ROI Created by LogMeOnce ” label_17=”Your Business Loss” label_18=”Manually Entering Password Cost” label_19=”Password Change Cost” label_20=”Helpdesk Password Reset Cost” label_21=”Manual Dark Web Monitoring Cost” label_22=”Data Breach Cost”]

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