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Following white papers (or positioning papers) will help your customers understand their security needs, short comings, as well as technical advantages of LogMeOnce products. This will also help customers who would need in-depth technical information, and validation of LogMeOnce security platform and reasons for its superiority in the market.

White Paper

How Much Are Weak Passwords Costing Your Company?

Password protection may not be the focus of your business, but it’s a fundamental element that supports many of your daily operations.

How To Compare Password Management Solutions For Your Business

91 percent of people know that using the same password on multiple accounts is a security risk, yet 66 percent continue to use the same password anyway

End-user Marketing Material

LogMeOnce Product Brochure

This guide will give you a brief overview of our company, explain the risks of getting hacked, the ways to stay protected and the products LogMeOnce offers to do that

LogMeOnce Product Security Technology Highlight

Password management, Identity protection and cloud storage security to meet personal, business and enterprise needs