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LogMeOnce Partner Program Options

LogMeOnce partner program is easy to compare and join. We offer two simple options: Join LogMeOnce partner program as a Sales and/or MSP partner; All business clients will get a free Family edition for their employees.

Choose From Two Easy Options To Become a LogMeOnce Partner

Sales Partner

  • Ideal for partners considering promoting or reselling LogMeOnce to their clients
  • Billed annually
  • Discount level is 25% starting margin, with tiered volume discounts

MSP partner

  • Ideal for MSP who are responsible for setup and monthly maintenance of their clients’ logmeonce account.
  • Billed monthly
  • Discount level is 30% starting margin with tiered volume discount

  • Easy Residual Income; After the first year, with little to no effort maintain your accounts and earn up to 50% of margin on the same deals you earned during the first year of each client you help to maintain.

LogMeOnce partner program details;

Type Sales Partner MSP Partner
Program description Ideal for partners considering to promote / resell LogMeOnce to their clients. Ideal for MSPs who are responsible for setting up / monthly maintenance of their clients’ LogMeOnce accounts.
Billing cycle Annual Monthly
Discount levels

– All are welcome

– Quota $12K annually

– Quota $24K annually

– Quota $48K annually











Please call

3-24 users

25-99 users

100-199 users

200-499 users

500-699 users

700-999 users

1000-2499 users

2500-4999 users

5000-9999 users

10000+ users

Discount calculation Discount is applied upon start, and recalculated quarterly based on total sales $ volume (example: $24,000 annually, or $6,000 quarterly). Get custom discounts for very large volumes. Discount is applied monthly based on the number of user licenses (see above row). Get custom discounts for very large volumes.
Exclusive / promotional discount offer for holidays Yes. Buy licenses at discount during promotion Yes. Buy licenses at discount during promotion