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LogMeOnce Leads

LogMeOnce supports all of our Partners with market-leading technology and dependable technical support. When available, and depending on performance, you may receive qualified leads prioritized by your region, program level. Notifications of leads are e-mailed to your primary email account. They contain a link to your personalized Partner portal where they can be viewed and registered (“claimed”).

Lead Follow-up Requirements

All leads or contacts may not always be prequalified. These contacts are sent additional information (direct mail, brochures, updates, etc.) by LogMeOnce marketing team. In order to ensure that valuable leads don’t get cold, there is a required follow-up time period.
  • All leads must be claimed within 2 working days. That is, Lead Turnaround Time (TAT) is 2 working days, otherwise lead will transfer to some other partner.
  • Leads must be contacted within 1 working day after it is claimed.
As a courtesy to the customers, and in fairness to other partners, if a lead is
  • Not claimed,
  • Contacted within the appropriate time frame, or
  • The follow-up is not subsequently recorded,
then the system will automatically re-assign the lead to another partner and you cannot access that specified lead information. In fairness to all of our valued Partners, any violation of the lead process will be discussed. If it happens further, the lead system will automatically disable leads to your account.