Warning Notice to Intruder / Hacker

ເຈົ້າຍັງບໍ່ໄດ້ເຂົ້າເຖິງ LogMeOnce ລະບົບຂໍ້ມູນຂ່າວສານຜູ້ເປັນພື້ນຖານ, ຊຶ່ງປະກອບມີ: 1) ຄໍາຮ້ອງສະຫມັກນີ້, 2) ຄໍາຮ້ອງສະຫມັກແລະຄອມພິວເຕີເຄືອຂ່າຍ, 3) ຄໍາຮ້ອງສະຫມັກແລະຄອມພິວເຕີທັງຫມົດທີ່ເຊື່ອມຕໍ່ກັບເຄືອຂ່າຍນີ້, ແລະ 4) all devices and storage media attached to this network or to a computer on this network.

This is a LogMeOnce application and computer system, ທີ່ອາດຈະໄດ້ຮັບເຂົ້າແລະນໍາໃຊ້ພຽງແຕ່ສໍາລັບທຸລະກິດ LogMeOnce ຜູ້ມີອໍານາດໂດຍຮັບອະນຸຍາດໃນຕອນທ້າຍຜູ້ໃຊ້,. ໂຈມຕີ hack ໂດຍເຈດຕະນາ, ໂດຍເຈດຕະນາ / ບໍ່ໄດ້ເຈດຕະ intrusion ຕ້ານ "any" LogMeOnce ທ້າຍຜູ້ໃຊ້,, ການເຂົ້າເຖິງຮັບອະນຸຍາດຫຼືການນໍາໃຊ້ຂອງບັນຊີໃດຫນຶ່ງໃນຕອນທ້າຍ, ສະມາຊິກຂອງ, ຂໍ້ມູນຂອງເຂົາເຈົ້າ, ຄໍາຮ້ອງສະຫມັກແລະຄອມພິວເຕີນີ້ລະບົບອາດຈະມີການລະເມີດວິຊາຄະດີອາຍາ, ພົນລະເຮືອນ, and/or other legal action.

ຖ້າຫາກວ່າທ່ານວາງແຜນທີ່ hack / intrusion ຕໍ່ບັນຊີ LogMeOnce, ໃນຕອນທ້າຍຜູ້, ແລະ / ຫຼືເຄືອຂ່າຍ LogMeOnce, all information on this computer system may be intercepted, ບັນທຶກ, ອ່ານ, ສໍາເນົາ, ແລະເປີດເຜີຍໂດຍແລະບຸກຄະລາກອນຮັບອະນຸຍາດສໍາລັບຈຸດປະສົງຢ່າງເປັນທາງການ, including criminal investigations. ຂໍ້ມູນດັ່ງກ່າວປະກອບດ້ວຍຂໍ້ມູນທີ່ລະອຽດອ່ອນເຂົ້າລະຫັດປະຕິບັດຕາມຄວາມແລະຄວາມເປັນສ່ວນຕົວຄວາມຕ້ອງ. You will be liable for all damages (financial and/or otherwise) incurred by your victim(s), legal expenses, duress, and any financial damages that they may seek, and/or awarded by appropriate court authority and/or the justice department officials.

You understand and consent to the following: You may access this information system for authorized use only; you have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding any communication of data transiting or stored on this information system; at any time and for any lawful government purpose, the government may monitor, intercept, and search and seize any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system; and any communications or data transiting or stored on this information system may be disclosed or used for any lawful government purpose.

Notice to Intruder / Hacker: Access or use of this software and computer system by any person, ບໍ່ວ່າຈະເປັນອະນຸຍາດຫລືຮັບອະນຸຍາດ, ປະກອບການຍິນຍອມຕໍ່ຂໍ້ກໍານົດເຫລົ່ານີ້. There is no right of privacy in this system. You are warned that “in using our service(s), network, software, and/or devices,” materials “would not be held back in any law enforcement” requests. This warning and agreement between LogMeOnce and you for using its goods , constitutes consent and therefore there was no right or expectation of privacy.