Duo-factor authenticas (2FA) solution

Still using a lone Signum?

2 Authenticitate solutionis elementum est,. Consectetuer adipiscing elit ratio est de communi vestra recognito. Una defensio innititur accumsan. Cum sociis natoque penatibus, cum sit infirma, unus password, Duis ac diligentia innititur, qui mecum "multiplicari" tutiores cautum. There is no guarantee that an individual would really follow through best security practices.

“Credentials Used For Target Hack Reportedly Stolen From HVAC Vendor”



Two Factor Authentication Two-Factor Authentication for Everybody:

LogMeOnce offers the richest selection of 2FA methodologies. With LogMeOnce 2FA you get your own padlock of encryption and lock down your data yourself. And YOU are the ONLY one who has the encryption key. After you login with your first password, a second password will be delivered to you by LogmeOnce via any of the options you choose.

Quid est 2 Duo vel elementum elementum authenticitate authenticitate?

Duo-factor authenticas (2FA) Aliquam securitatem praebet duas cognitionis methodum. Et hoc modo tueri duo layers of credentials defensione;

  • 1st layer = Something that you scitis (memoriae password)
  • 2nd layer = Something that you quibus (alii quasi mollis tortor / pignus Durus)


No more typing. Go with Selfie-2FA

Selfie-2FA is one of LogMeOnce newest Two-Factor Authentication methodologies.

The patent pending Selfie-2FA is superbly unique as an actual image, photo, or picture of an object is delivered for the 2nd factor of authentication. Unlike traditional Selfie-2FA products that use a “One Time Token” and string of digit for a 2nd factor, Selfie-2FA use of an authentic image greatly adds to processing of secure credentials.

Selfie-2FA also avoids disadvantage of traditional 2FA products which require user to carry a hardware token (dongle), which have the inconvenience of establishing token’s secure communication.

Another unique advantage of Selfie-2FA is that a user’s mobile device is tied to the authentication process. This greatly reduces the risk of bad elements gaining access to multiple credentials on computer (PC), user’s mobile device, authentication imagery, credentials for the mobile device itself.

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Triticum multi Solutio in authenticitate

Quare duo-factor authenticas, et nunc quid?

Senior securitatem peritorum conveniunt quod satis sit aditus Nunc. Suus 'non iustus super encryption. Suus 'non iustus super passwords. Quod sit aditus holistic, ut si quis, accumsan non, alterum, in pluribus locis praesidia replete stratis foramina. In essentia,, est Lorem ipsum dolor sit studium, inter spolia, SAL, encryption, optimum exercitia, consilium, Acta, et sic de aliis.

Quisque ultrices analogiam hic utor. Ultrices sit amet labore. Calathus unus homo non tueri Praesent officium. Itaque, si aduersus ipsum medium transit a puncto praesidio defensoris, alia teammates ad auxilium, potest labi in canistro. In ludo quoque,, Substantia divitis urbs roboris habet defensiva layers. LogmeOnce suggero vos a canistro defensus situ ad auxilium ad vestri lima, documentis, promeritum pecto, et — potissimum — identitatem.

LogmeOnce talis veritas est a multi-Nunc accessum ad aedificare praesidia tua,. Quia non facit LogmeOnce tertia pars USB contundi, duo factor authenticas, (2FA), cum militiae gradus aes encryption, XXVI, cum modo agit prorsus encryption iacuit aperiam in LogmeOnce, et, dum praesidium,. Multiple forma satis layers a mattis commodo elit umbrella ordinantur ad finem, user, securitatem et otium of utor.

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Goodbye, Passwords.

To log in to your PC, simply pose for a photo. Click the PhotoLogin icon on your desktop, and the photo will be sent to your trusted mobile device.

Once you receive a secure photo on your (iOS/Android) device, you can approve or reject access.

Once you click “Yes, It’s me!" on your mobile device, access will be granted to your desktop. It’s that simple and user friendly! Enjoy Automatic 2FA & PasswordLess access with PhotoLogin.


PasswordLess PhotoLogin

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PhotoLogin patented and patent-pending technology enables you to log in to any website without typing a password. Log in with your photo or an image.
YOU are the NEW Identity Authority.

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