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Protect and manage security credentials.

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Our award-winning software helps to effectively protect and manage team passwords. Simple administration, convenient password sharing, easy setup policies, and secure access from anywhere/any device make it ideal for teams of 50 minusve.

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Security for Teams & Convenience for Admins

Simple Administration

Ease the complexity when using multiple passwords for the IT team. The admin dashboard simplifies your tasks, sets up best practices, and enforces policy.

Auto Login & autofill

Cum uno click, access all of your passwords with secure authentication for third-party applications. Enjoy these automatic SSO auto login and autofill benefits.

Convenient Sharing

Securely share credentials with administrators or users without having to give out passwords to corporate accounts such as Twitter or FedEx.

Vault for Each Employee

So much of today’s personal and professional lives are intertwined, and we deliver a password manager that can work on ALL platforms.

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Avoid Team Frustration

  • Prevent Cyber Threats
  • Eliminate Password Breaches
  • Reduce Unnecessary Support Tickets

Password support tickets are costly to any organization.Hacking attempts and embarrassing data exposures lead to damaging costs. The powerful features of LogMeOnce improve security and take away frustration. Our security platform protects your teams and IT administrators. Our best practices helps to protect your company’s brand and identity.

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34 unrivaled “Team Features”

1. Simple Administration

2. Team Password Manager

3. Team Password Share

4. Secure access from anywhere/any device

5. Simple to set up password policies

6. Multiple options for two-factor authentication

7. Login plures options

8. No more master password

9. PasswordLess PhotoLogin

10. Foederatorum Identity & SAML

11. encrypted Password & Document lima repono quod Management

12. IT Team Password Management

13. Audit comprehensive & obsequio Report

14. Management Groups

15. Basis employee consilium personalis password firmamentum

16. Wallet secure

17. Nota secure

18. autofill, IMMODERATUS

19. Your Company Customized Login & notans

20. Fortis Password Ingenero & © Dialler

21. fingerprint Biometría

22. Technology nulla scientia,

23. Multi- Orbis Factor comprehensive authenticitate (MFA) offerings

24. Team Identity & Security Scorecard

25. Et quidquid optimum habuerit in genere & Actio Aliquam Report

26. Map fabrica

27. Visual OTP

28. Navale productivity

29. dolor menu

30. Products &

31. Tergum secure

32. Secure Restore

33. cum localized 16 Linguae

34. Clientem Password Management (optional)

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Simple Administration

IT administrators need to protect their passwords too! Keeping all the passwords in check for the team is a struggle. Some applications have a single login and password for everyone (example: Marketing dept. Twitter account, or Sales dept. FedEx account), but others applications require a different login and password for each person (CRM tool for the sales team), and each one has unique requirements such as a capital letter, a semicolon, et etc..

Suus 'ad officium tuum habere tardus et maxime sursum-ad-date in login documentorum, tuere matres et sensitiva notitia uniuscuiusque ignoro munitum. It’s not easy! LogMeOnce securely manages challenges extra te in omnibus securitas nostra consideraverit-amoeni platform.


Team Password Manager

cum LogMeOnce, ab secure possis dare ius hominum (employees, customers, et sociis) quod ius aditum (ut apps, cogitationes, and critical business information) at the iure temporis.

LogMeOnce reduces costs, augetur atque efficientiam productivity, Dum tua sit amet salute. The rich features of LogMeOnce and powerful Audit Trail reporting empower the organization to focus on what matters — growth.

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Team Password Share

Secure sharing is super easy and convenient. Share passwords among team members, different groups, or across the entire company in a secure and documented manner (automatic check-in, checkout).

Secure information sharing and collaboration streamline and increase an organization’s effectiveness.

LogMeOnce enables you to securely share credentials with multiple administrators or super-users without having to give out the passwords to corporate accounts such as Twitter or FedEx.


Secure Access from Anywhere/Any Device

A password management tool is the least expensive insurance policy you can purchase to protect your team and business.

Facile est enim diam LogMeOnce Scalable authenticitatis, manage, on-board, and off-board users. Documentorum autem potes update in real-time.

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Simplified Password Policies

Enforcing device security for your team is critical a part of building a real security perimeter around your company. You’ll be able to detect compromised devices, and with simplified passcode reset, you can lock from anywhere, et omni deinceps regendi artibus.

LogMeOnce "Fabrica Management 'collects pertinent notitia securitatem situ et constituere possunt, quod includit: cpu, Identifiers fabrica, display, Notitia generali, Network, et Software. One simple dashboard view shows all of your devices of different OS on one screen.


Multiple Options for Two-Factor Authentication

2FA securitatem modum duobus siclis, antequam concederet idem aditus. Nobis praebent amplissima in delectu modi 2FA, tutelam et protectionem seriebus duabus documentorum:

  • Selfie 2FA
  • SMS Nuntius
  • Vox vocationis
  • Email Nuntius
  • Google Authenticator
  • USB Thochen
  • Quisque X.509

nota: A qui tempore password, (OTP) et misit te Dominus in via SMS, voice call, or any other delivery methods you choose as part of 2FA. Tesseras enim valet nisi 3 et unum minutis session login. Potest uti semel OTP.

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Multiple Login Options

Sed mattis LogMeOnce offert plures bene latis 2FA Login.

Additionally, access your account by logging in via your trusted mobile device. Nemo plus curarum de keyloggers usus duplici exemplari passwords vel infirma.

Vos adepto a semper extra tabulatum securitatem 2FA sine hassle typing aliter password, SMS codice, aut 2FA firmitatis indicium. Vos adepto accessum ad computatrum per instant instant atque tutela vestri mobile fabrica. Quid tibi vis latae sententiae 2FA?


Dedicated Secure Vault for Each Employee

Every employee can have a vault that is not accessible by IT. Only the employee can see and access it. This option can be enabled or disabled, based on the the organization’s security policy (via “password policy” settings).

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No More Master Password

"Horribilis Passwords. Nos ea omnia odisse. Sed cum illis sumus adhæsit, donec aliquid melius exsistat. etiam, quod videtur ad damnum adderetur injuria, cum primum illud a password vos partum a sit amet est enim magister password ... memória retinéntes! In developers sentire LogMeOnce in dolore vestra. Si vos have a Mauris quis felis aut mobilis praesto fabrica, Gloria LogMeOnce Password Management satis felicem sine magister password. Hoc liberum procurator password in aemuli lata pluma paro, et offerre magis features ut quam maxime ex sui, stipendium competitors ". A PC Magazine


PasswordLess PhotoLogin

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Non opus est tibi ut passwords vel recordabor amplius!

  1. Aditus enim PasswordLess, PhotoLogin click in icon a computatrum tuum. Nos autem a photo disrumpam et mitte ad mobile fabrica. Si vos have multiple iPhone, leo, Android cogitationes, non curarum. Si vis, nec poteris numerare un- conscribendos omnes cogitationum vestrarum. Elige diei fabrica, et mitte 'hodie' quod est authorizations fabrica! Aut mutare omni hora, login vel altero conatum. Tu electiones!
  2. Qui cum a photo secure in mobili fabrica, vos adepto ut «Ne repellas" vel ICTUS in "Ita, Ego est!'
  3. Obvius vestri desktop est igitur datum est. Frui PasswordLess accessum ad PhotoLogin.


teams & Management Groups

LogMeOnce ensures secure access amid the most challenging of compliance environments.

LogMeOnce IAM technology enables organizations to deploy a mature IAM platform, users administrare atque coetibus, and reduce access and authentication costs. More agilis per se fiet negotium incepta foveant.


frui LogMeOnce. Protegas Password

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