User interface cum tamen a LogMeOnce Fusce Version 5.6

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Aug 23, 2017 User interface cum tamen a LogMeOnce Fusce Version 5.6

Your interactive “LogMeOnce Home” is the center of your universe.

Suspendisse, D.C., August 23, 2017 - LogMeOnce, insigne princeps in foro passwordless authenticas, unveiled hodie in versionem LogMeOnce 5.6, cum interactive, Fusce user interface quod innovative, Auxilium amplio omnibus est productivity. Novus poema 5.6 imperium regere possis a centralized ashboardday vocatur "Domus LogMeOnce"

In addition to various enhancements for password management security platform, LogMeOnce new and user friendly interface includes a unique and interactive “Home” dashboard. cum LogMeOnce, you get instant protection and instant access to your computer via your mobile device. Apple iOS identitatis in protegit LogMeOnce, Android, Fenestra Microsoft, Mac OS, et Linux.

“Home is the collection of our most sought-after features, and we let you create and customize the view,"Dixit Kevin Shahbazi, CEO of LogMeOnce. “At anytime, click the Home icon to return to this centralized dashboard and launch a feature.”

Ut est ', nulla scientia "technology comitatu, LogMeOnce de encryption key does non a user passwords vel ipsam. cum LogmeOnce, tu es solus ille qui est ipsa absoluta scientia vestri password minutum et encryption key, tantum potes rationem vestram.

De LogMeOnce:
Confidently helping consumers and organizations protect their identity, data and information with identity and access management solutions, LogmeOnce develops, markets and supports a seamless and secure Single Sign-On, Identity and Access Management productivity suite. During the past two decades, the LogmeOnce executive management team has earned a global reputation for innovative, standards-based security solutions and has captured numerous national and international industry awards. As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), LogmeOnce’s security suite includes a wide range of products, productivity solutions, cryptographic and e-security applications. LogmeOnce markets and sells its solutions worldwide directly and through a variety of partners. For more information about LogmeOnce, obsecro visita, voca (800).935.4619, fax 866.732.0324, or email

Contact Media:
Kevin Shahbazi
(800) 935-4619

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