01/05/15 LogmeOnce Supports Touch ID for iPhone Authentication

Touch ID integration makes your LogmeOnce or secure single sign-on to every app more accessible, while adding the extra security benefits of biometrics.

Washington, D.C., January 5, 2015 - LogmeOnce, et rerum novarum amet elit et lectus, today unveiled the integration of Touch ID with LogmeOnce Password Management Suite. The fingerprint biometrics authentication method facilitates secure access to the LogMeOnce vault instead of having to type in a master password or using a weak passcode or PIN.

“Biometrics provides an added level of security and convenience — not even snoopers can see your password,” says Kevin Shahbazi, CEO of the hardware and software password management company. “In addition to Touch ID for iPhone/iPad authentication, LogmeOnce also supports other methods of authentication such as passwords and passcodes.”

With fingerprint biometrics (Touch ID), you can set it up once and never have to remember it as you are always carrying your authentication device (finger) with you. For anyone who takes privacy and security seriously, two-factor authentication with biometrics (Touch ID) establishes an important security layer and a superb defensive mechanism.

De LogmeOnce
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Twitter: @ LogmeOnce

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