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consumers and businesses have been on the receiving end of hack attacks. They’ve suffered through a seemingly endless cycle of cybersecurity attacks.

Autem, you can fight back.

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Password SHOCK©


Da gratis / © treatment interpellatores validos turbarum beneficio concussurae.

Let hackers know you’re serious about your passwords and security. If an intruder tries to target your LogMeOnce account, they’ll get a warning. If they somehow came by your information in error, they’ll shirk away. And lay low. But if not — they are fair game. Give unauthorized intruders a SHOCK© and they won’t bother you again. Et, you don’t have to do anything. Automated respondeo ibo ad intrusus est scriptor fabrica(s) ex propriis disciplinam!

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Access a new class of protection and defense

Nolite dimittere illos succedunt © SHOCK! Password SHOCK© is one of LogMeOnce’s many innovative and unrivaled products. The reality is there are no rules or standards in cyber attacks. It can happen at anytime. Consumers and businesses need to anticipate, defend, and protect their digital assets. Password SHOCK© gives them a way.

Et omni comitatu et products sunt LogMeOnce crucis-suggestus solutions, et implemented in multiple tabulatis adlevatae et computing operating systems.

  • – Desktop: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • – Mobile: iOS, Tincidunt pretium phasellus ipsum
  • – Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer

Payback ...!


deprehendere & Explicuit Mensuris ... Video

Si quis autem vestri passwords vel furantur trucidabunt ob gratiam tui, Vos can adepto payback.
The LogMeOnce security platform gives you the power to protect your digital assets and security credentials. And do so with the kind of principles that hackers lack. If an intruder tries to target your LogMeOnce account, they’ll get a warning. If they try again, Tandem corripuit eos ferire possit actu SHOCK © password !

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Let intruders run away and never touch your account again. Remember, every single threat is costly and would affect your digital assets. Cyber threats become more damaging as the domino effects engulf your accounts. Give them the shock! Its all automated, so you do not have do anything. Be vigilant, and stay proactive.

What is Password SHOCK©?

Build your defense in advanceAutomatically receive “Hack Alert”.
Set up your account so that anyone trying to use an unauthorized password gets thrown off by a SHOCK. Set it up so your hacker’s mobile device will continuously vibrate, and obnoxious loud music will play on their phone or computer. How long you annoy the hacker is up to you (predefined, adjustable time, volume, and duration). Protect your account against anyone who attempts to hack or even tries an unauthorized password to log in. If they insist on moving forward, then…

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Do these things every time an intruder attempts entry!

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Vos can obvius in ratione vestra sicut frigidam quamdiu velis. Si vos adepto sensu ut illic 'suspectum semper operatio, dum iter in digital vita, per publicum WiFi, ac ne quis aut et velit (Forum nimis) adeatur ab ore tuo, propter accessum ad duratus a qualibet arte potest LogMeOnce. Eligere simpliciter ad quousque!

Semel rationem, Te auctore, quis sustinebit?, nulla res potest actionem. Si vis ut aditus tantum a accessum permittens ex propria dum prohibitus est computers 'confidebat' mobile fabrica (vel e converso;) ad REGELO ob gratiam tui.

Frigore cum tua, nullus alius possit aditus non alienis sed propter Diaries Frigidus. Ab omni conatu colligationem superficiem quamvis omnia obstruantur ut possessor agelli rectum videtur.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit, recordarentur nos ex odio conatur vestigia tua non sunt rationum Dominus saevientes, sciunt quod erant 'non colligendis in Piratica metadata scriptor, conatum partum singula singulis temporis et hora notae, IP address, GPS, imaginibus, et cetera.

Take a Test Coegi

Calcitrare summae ultraTesserae diutius differri non tuum praesidium. Simulation sentiunt hoc accipere quod non alienum erit tamquam ubi conatus fiunt.

Click on gradus conatus, et ego audio ludere.

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Note: Hoc est an automated tantum simulation. In ipsa software modum imponit;, micat artis, screen cum sonitu quatit, lux et splendor reorum, Siren caeli audio, et musicae. Est etiam causa, si dominus voluerit, ut optio frigore.

Warding off Hack Attacks

No intruder wants anyone to see their list of looming user showdowns (including the hacker’s own metadata). Et praecipe dicens transibitis per multum laboravit in multiplicitate ac provocationem quae occupata accessum ad notitia - stans suos, comminatus est clypeus si defecit saginantur dissolvit suis,,en,Et praecipe dicens transibitis per multum laboravit in multiplicitate ac provocationem quae occupata accessum ad notitia - stans suos, comminatus est clypeus si defecit saginantur dissolvit suis,,en.

Your payback could mean unorthodox and unknown chaos will ensue on the hacker — it could turn their own system into an unwilling broadcast of their precious data. Serves them right!

Automatically fend-off attackers. Let hackers or intruders wonder what else you have at your disposal. Let them put on sunglasses and a ski mask, and mask their location or MAC address. You’ll figure them out! After all, no matter how advanced a hacker might be, no matter how well they THINK they’ve masked their IP & GPS addresses, you can still collect helpful metadata…

The intruder simply leaves and moves on to an easier-to-target account that is not vigilantly protected like yours! Think about it: They do NOT want the imbroglio you’ve threatened to throw at them!


Premium edition Password Manager +

Password SHOCK ©

Proin Apps3 incidents limit

See Hacker’s Metadata

Hackers live in fear of detection. Autem, intrusus est scriptor notitia ut adepto vos!

apud Password SHOCK © ad rebellandum possit mittere SHOCKS © intrusus, Desinant statim vi. Cum autem in illa capere te potest pugnare retro, they’ll disappear and move on to an easier-to-target account that’s not as vigilantly protected as yours!

apud LogMeOnce Mugshot you can collect and use intruders’ pertinent metadata, atque ut eorum plaustra et rotae cum venit ad eorum facultatem suffodiet plantas. Hackers / de ipsis notitia aliqua revelare non vis saevientes. Autem, Tesseram et induere larva aut si situm MAC oratio, tu es valuable metadata potest colligunt quae sunt utiles, et ad coniungere in punctis ad fontem indagare.

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Quomodo Works

The psychology of hack attacks

Hackers are in a constant race against time
Bad news is not good for hackers. They worry that anytime news of a hack attack on a group of individuals or a company comes out, people will rush to adjust their security controls and change their passwords. All their effort goes to waste. That is why hackers hack you — they’re looking for everyday end users they assume don’t think much about account protection.

You have time and knowledge on your side. apud LogMeOnce Password SHOCK© you are immediately notified if an attempt or an unauthorized log-in takes place. The best part: You have a response ready to go. You don’t have to do a thing. Your response will automatically go out to the intruder’s device with a proper warning!

If an intruder is wandering around and stumbles across your account, you can assume at first that it’s an innocent mistake. The LogMeOnce unrivaled security platform provides you with distinct options. You can give a fair warning, to give the intrude a chance to stop before you go ahead and collect their own data that their device is willingly broadcasting!

Quam ut fuge Questus Hacked


Tu esse extruxerat
indefensa scopum?

Mea sedebat Definitio:

A persona vel tessera fuit sine
vel in praesidio impetus
fontibus de periculo.


Aut tibi futurus est
activae bello suscipiendo deterreat!?

INCUSSUS © Definitio:

ADVORSOR, et preemptive
ferit atque iustitia coram
operam gratis reni!

Sint vobis in HEROS

INCUSSUS © LogMeOnce Password per intellectum et corporalem impetus cyber
explicuit contra mensuras superiores. Quod sit potentia Preemptive © INCUSSUS.

Security breach – It’s not a joke

The revolving door

Hackers tend to be repeat offenders. Once they find a way to grab an individual’s digital assets or a company’s database, they will come back for more. After all, they got past the hard part—and their sudden access can make way for more victims, like your coworkers, tu et domus tua, and friends.

Stop them before they succeed! You want to catch them during their attempt, not when they actually have their hand in the cookie jar (reaching for your passwords).

You need to be able to detect if someone is trying to break into our account. So you can respond. Lorem ipsum, LogMeOnce has automated the detection and reaction process for you.

What to keep in mind

Avoid headaches.
Eliminate damaging costs.
Automatically deflect threats.
Take your security to the next level by thwarting hack attacks.

The bizarre illusion

Never be naive and think “Oh, I am so good that I won’t be hacked!” Instead, be prepared and be proactive. The ramifications are serious. When it comes to getting hacked, damages are paramount, and all boundaries fall as hackers and account intruders may engage in unauthorized attempts for their own reasoning.

Action movies make hacking look more interesting than it actually is. But to get anywhere, real-life hackers have to sift through codes and layers and layers of data while searching for your vulnerabilities. Keep in mind your passwords may be stored in your system in many ways and may only be supposedly protected by hashing, salting, tokens, et 2FA. What you need, if you’re not already, is a password manager that protects and encrypts it all.

Set up your account so that if anyone tries to enter a password, they will get one fair warning. And if they persist, then they get the SHOCK, and an obnoxious loud music on their phone or computer. Let them run away and never touch your account again. Praesent LogMeOnce Password SHOCK©.

Security Notice to Intruders

Perhaps you arrived here innocently. However…

If you are attempting unauthorized access to this account, LogMeOnce Mugshot will take your picture, audio, video, GPS location, IP address, and other identifying data. Lorem ipsum dolor sit, LogMeOnce Password SHOCK© will reciprocate your actions and may send you warning messages to stop immediately. You do not want to experience these consequences.

LogMeOnce end users are on a secure network. If you continue trying to break in, then you are fair game. Your information, including metadata, will be collected for legal action and may be published for public consumption. If you do not want your information exposed and used by others, then stop now. Respect the data privacy of others.

Tu es obvius a basi LogMeOnce user notitia ratio,, quae includit: 1) hoc application, 2) et applicationem huius computatrum network, 3) omnes retiacula coniuncta risus applications, et 4) et repono devices omnibus instrumentis coniuncta est huic vel network computatrum ratio computatrum et applicationem huius network.This est LogMeOnce, et quod potest accessed ad tantum negotium LogMeOnce auctoritatem ab auctoritate finem-users. Hack animi impetum, voluntariam / p intrusionem contra intentionem 'quis' LogMeOnce finem-users, aut quis finis-user est uti alienum accessum ratio, quorum data, et computatrum ratio quod application ut esse subiectum ad violatores criminalibus, civilis, et / vel actus legalis.

Lorem si intentio sit Hack / p intrusionem contra rationem possessor est LogMeOnce, finis User, et / vel network LogMeOnce, omnes computatrum notitia in vestri ratio ut extinguique reliqua belli postulabat, memoriae, legere, copied, et aperta et publica auctoritate proposita personas, inter scelestus & civilis prosecution. Tales notitia includit sensitivo secretum notitia encrypted ad propinquos meos, et requisita in secreto.

Hackers & intruders, intellegis quod consensus in his: Et aditus usum computatrum ratio ex his nullo homine, sive auctoritate sive alienum, ut consensu facit haec verbis. visit LogMeOnce iuris in sectione informationis.


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animique bonis patentibus nostris.

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