Obvius Management, OMB, ITIL, ISO 27001

Best practices for managing compliance with security standards

Quantum ad salutem obsequio potest esse frustrating, tempus edax, et pretiosa. Being governed by multiple regulations like OMB, ITIL, ISO 27001 & Access Management at the federal, status, et industria campester sumit ad complexionem. Non solum autem illa, et mandata sunt, et lapidibus pretiosis, ut rhoncus dolor, sed defectum autem ingens financial damna potest esse in fines, et fama laedatur.

Office of Management et budget (OMB), Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet infrastructure Bibliotheca (ITIL) et internationalis ad standardization (ISO) 27001 et mandata atque elementa optimum exercitia aedificare fundamentum in securitate. With our diverse expertise in ITIL and ISO 27001 & Obvius Management, LogmeOnce Single Sign-On (Stamus,) Aliquam et lacus (IdM) solutions for the cloud computing are specifically designed to enable organizations to meet these mandates.LogmeOnce provides a best practice-based approach to Information Security Management implementation, circuitu populi, processus et dolor elit occurrere unquam de OMB, ITIL, ISO 27001 & Obvius Management.

Obvius Management
Access Management is a control process shared by ITIL V3 and ISO 27001. Access Management sometimes also referred to as Rights Management or Identity Management. Access Management grants users’ right to use a particular service, versus the security policies defined and established in Security and Availability Management. Access Management does not define security standards; it solely and exclusively executes the Security and Availability policies and actions that are in place. As such, it performs six key activities: Requesting Access,Verification,Providing rights Monitoring Identity Status Logging and Tracking Access, and Removing or Restricting Rights.

Office of Management et budget (OMB)
HSPD-12 is a high-level policy statement that mandates all federal employees to have “a secure and reliable form of identification”. This credential allows “both physical and logical access to federally controlled facilities and information systems.” FIPS-201 provides the implementation standards for a more secure credential management process. The OMB Office is responsible for issuing guidance and ensuring compliance. Additionally the U.S. Department of Commerce is also responsible for creating similar set of standards for the federal government.
ITIL Information Security Management (ISM)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet infrastructure Bibliotheca (ITIL) is a framework of best practice guidance in Information Technology Service Management (ITSM). It describes processes, functions and structures that support most areas of IT Service Management, mostly from the viewpoint of the Service Provider.There are 26 processes listed in ITIL V3 (2011 edition). One of the main processes of ITILV3 is Access Management.Access Management aims to grant authorized users the right to use a service, while preventing access to non-authorized users. The Access Management processes essentially execute policies defined in ITIL Information Security Management (ISM. ITIL ISM is based on the ISO 27001 standard.
Obvius Management
ISO 27001standards Information Security
Management Systems (ISMS)
The code of practice for International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001 is recognized internationally as a structured methodology for Information Security Management (ISM) and is widely used as a benchmark for protecting sensitive and private information.A basic concept of security management is the information security. The primary goal of information security is to guarantee safety of information. When protecting information it is the value of the information that must be protected. These values are stipulated by the confidentiality, integrity and availability.Organizations that choose to adopt ISO 27001 strongly demonstrate their commitment to high levels of information security. There are 11 major controls required as part of the ISO 27001 standard that comprise best practices in information security including Access Management.
ISO 27001
LogmeOnce Supports Security Best Practices
LogmeOnce Single Sign-On (Stamus,) Aliquam et lacus (IdM) solutions are designed with comprehensive features and functionality for the cloud computing to help our organizations especially government agencies, to meet and exceed ISO 27001, ITIL and OMB mandates. LogmeOnce solution embedded with Web SSO, Obvius Management, Federation and Provisioning compliance enables our user community to meet Federal security mandates and recommended best practices.If an organization is already compliant with industry security mandates, LogmeOnce will help them stay compliant.If an organization is not compliant and wish to enjoy the benefits of the companies who are compliant, LogmeOnce feature functionality and platform is designed to help them meet and exceed those mandates.

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