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Whether you have an average password grade or even anF,” LogMeOnce will quickly help you improve your password security. LogMeOnce Dashboard provides tips and prioritizes which passwords to fix first. See the three weakest passwords and why they’re scoring so poorly. As soon as you make improvements, watch your score go up. Achieve progress with the help of LogMeOnce’s automated self-service—before you know it, you’ll achieve an A+.

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“LogMeOnce is a true password keeper”

This service and software is very easy to use. We never had any problems. It reminds you once in a while that you have to change the main password. We really recommend this service to anyone who is serious at keeping the passwords safely.

Mario G., Owner, Accounting Firm

“Not a day without it”

Great product! I recommend it to everyone I come across who complains about password management. The software is very easy to use, and yet very secure and encourages good security practices, even for persons who do not know security principles

MICHAEL B., Senior Systems Engineer,

Computer & Network Security,

“Great software!'

I have hundreds of logins and passwords and it’s impossible to memorize them all. Log Me Once saves me time in accessing these in a secure environment. It is very easy to use and speeds up my logins. It also seems very secure. I also like that it is available on my PC and my phone so I can see my passwords anywhere.

Dave S., CFO, Building Materials, 201-500 employees

“Great solution with powerful features.”

Really love the way there is no reliance on a desktop file. Makes it really easy to transition to a new device when old one fails or upgrade is needed. The multi-step form login is probably one of my favorite features. Minimizes mouse clicks as I just sit back and logs me in through multiple pages without having to lift a finger. I have a long list of login credentials and I really like the way Logmeonce presents on screen without having to prompt it, allows for a simple scroll and click to access any login with minimal effort. I’ve experienced less bugs with this password manager than I experienced with Dashlane and Lastpass in the past.

Toby W., Director, Education Management

“LogMeOnce is a lifesaver!'

The fact that I can save all my passwords is fantastic I trust the security of the product.

Laurie M., Small Business Owner,

“Simple and effective”

The possibility to synchronize my devices. 2 Laptops and 1 smartphone.

Fabio W., Development Manager,