LogMeOnce는 계정 정지 보안 애드온과의 비밀번호 경영 혁신 약속에 제공

- 보도 자료 - LogMeOnce는 계정 정지 보안 애드온과의 비밀번호 경영 혁신 약속에 제공
할 수있다 01, 2018 LogMeOnce는 계정 정지 보안 애드온과의 비밀번호 경영 혁신 약속에 제공

LogMeOnce’s latest lineup includes Account Freeze, adding to Password SHOCK© and Scheduled Login for a security market homerun.
워싱턴, D.C., 할 수있다 1, 2018 - LogMeOnce, 패스워드없는 인증의 독특한 시장의 선두 주자, 발표 오늘 LogMeOnce 계정 정지, 독특한, 특허 출원중인 보안 응용 프로그램 도움말 소비자와 기업에 설계는 암호 및 보안 자격 증명을 보호, 및 사이버 공격에 대한 관리. 계정 정지는 디지털 계정 및 보안 제어 할 수 있습니다, 새로운 보안 계층을 추가. 당신은 당신의 LogMeOnce 계정을 동결하는 경우, 아무도 다른 당신은 그것을 액세스 할 수 있으며 외부인은 동결을 알 수 없습니다보다. 침입자에 의해에서 로깅에서 모든 시도는 차단-있지만됩니다 표면 모두에이 정상적으로 나타납니다.

You can freeze access to your account for as long as you wish. If you ever get the sense that there’s suspicious activity in your digital life—while traveling, using public WiFi, or out and about—and wish to prevent anyone (hackers too) from gaining access to your LogMeOnce account, you can freeze access from any device. Simply select for how long!

“Getting hacked or compromised would be a horrible experience. To seal off your account, you can throw a security blanket and establish a simple but comprehensive security layer by invoking Account Freeze,” says Kevin Shahbazi, CEO of LogMeOnce. “With Account Freeze, you can get as granular as you wish. You can freeze your entire account until you unfreeze it, freeze it for a specific time and duration, freeze other IP addresses excluding yours or certain others, and freeze few or all kinds of devices except yours.”

Once you initiate an account freeze, no transactions or activity can occur. This patent-pending technology allows you to specify that only access from computers is prohibited while allowing access from a specific “trusted” mobile device (or vice versa) to unfreeze your account. 또한, LogMeOnce records any traces of unwelcome attempts to your accounts—intruders won’t know to what extent you are collecting their metadata, creating a detailed chronology of every single attempt with date and time stamp, IP 주소, GPS, 이미지, 기타.

Interested parties are welcome to take advantage of the LogMeOnce partner program and OEM licensing. 는 "제로 지식"기술 회사로서, LogMeOnce does not know a user’s encryption key or actual passwords. LogmeOnce로, you are the only one who has absolute knowledge of your actual password and encryption key—only you can decrypt your account.

About LogMeOnce:
Founded in 2010, the award-winning LogMeOnce confidently helps consumers and businesses protect their passwords, 정체, and data. LogMeOnce rose to popularity with its feature-rich password management platform, and then with its patented PhotoLogin technology that gave users the choice of logging in with a password-less selfie. LogMeOnce innovations include a wide range of products, productivity solutions, and cryptographic and e-security applications. LogMeOnce industry distinctions include over 48 additional unrivaled products such as patent-pending Password SHOCK©, 수배, 예약 로그인, 계정 정지, Password Dialer, Kill-Pill, 도난 방지, and Live Password Tracker. 또한, LogMeOnce Drive helps to extend security and encryption to cloud storage applications such as Dropbox, iCloud, and more. As serial entrepreneurs, the LogMeOnce management team has founded and scaled up to global brand status multiple startups, with successful exits and acquisitions, such as the acquisition by security industry leaders McAfee and Intel Corp. in 2010.

LogMeOnce is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and serves the global market with an additional location in Barcelona, 스페인. LogMeOnce markets and sells its solutions worldwide directly and through a variety of partners. For information about LogMeOnce, SDK, OEM licensing, and reseller partnership opportunities, please visit www.LogMeOnce.com, call (800) 935-4619, fax (866) 732-0324, email sales@LogMeOnce 또는 Media@LogMeOnce.com. All trademarks belong to their respective organizations.

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