USB 두 요소 인증 토큰에 LogmeOnce를 추가 킬 - 필 기술의 Kickstarter 목표를 능가하면서

- 보도 자료 - USB 두 요소 인증 토큰에 LogmeOnce를 추가 킬 - 필 기술의 Kickstarter 목표를 능가하면서
할 수있다 28, 2014 USB 두 요소 인증 토큰에 LogmeOnce를 추가 킬 - 필 기술의 Kickstarter 목표를 능가하면서

LogmeOnce password manager will offer USB kill pill, USB geo location and USB decoy and file camouflage to protect against lost or stolen USB

워싱턴, D.C., 할 수있다 28, 2014 - LogmeOnce, 하드웨어 및 소프트웨어의 암호 관리 기업, 오늘 세 새로운 중요하고 필수적인 보안 기능의 추가를 발표했다. 또한이 회사는 또한 잘 앞서 캠페인 마감 자사의 Kickstarter 목표를 넘어 섰다. 원격 USB 킬 알약 기술 - 세 가지 새로운 보안 기능은 분실 또는 도난 USB 스틱의 경우 보호 사용자 추가되었습니다, USB 지리적 위치 옵션 및 USB 미끼 및 파일 위장. LogmeOnce 킬 알약 기능은 추가 보안 계층 ​​및 정보의 위험을 줄일 수있는 강력한 방법이며 잘못된 손에 떨어지는 파일.

“We are already a distinguished password management platform for many reasons, but we would like to add even more protection and security layers for our users,” says CEO Kevin Shahbazi. “Now, if you lose your USB or leave it in a cab, you can use LogmeOnce’s geo location technology to identify where it is and retrieve it, or simply send a remote ‘kill pill’ that wipes data off your lost USB! You can easily render your USB storage device useless. 과, if someone finds your USB, our file decoys and camouflage will show fake files instead of your information. There just isn’t anything else out there like the LogmeOnce security platform and we’re constantly adding more security features and layers.”

트러스트 디지털의 경험 떨어져 신선한, 이는 맥아피 인수 한 2010, 설립자 케빈과 마이크 Shahbazi 4 월에 LogmeOnce 출시. The password manager lets users securely log in from any device with one master password. LogmeOnce is the only company in the market that provides users with multiple options to save their credentials and store in an encrypted cloud, their own desktop or a LogmeOnce USB. And recently, the company also announced the addition of Dropbox file encryption to its arsenal of data security.

About LogmeOnce
Confidently helping consumers and organizations protect their identity, data and information with identity and access management solutions, LogmeOnce develops, markets and supports a seamless and secure Single Sign-On, Identity and Access Management productivity suite. During the past two decades, the LogmeOnce executive management team has earned a global reputation for innovative, standards-based, security solutions and has captured numerous national and international industry awards. As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), LogmeOnce’s security suite includes a wide range of products, productivity solutions, cryptographic and e-security applications. LogmeOnce markets and sells its solutions worldwide directly and through a variety of partners.
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