August 3, 2016 LogMeOnce는 패스워드가없는 PhotoLogin 기능의 일부로서 새로운 시각 1 회 암호와 전통 암호를 제거

LogMeOnce introduces Photo2FA, 첫 번째 암호없이 이중 인증 솔루션, and launches its Secure Wallet feature

워싱턴 DC. – September 28, 2016 – To improve password security and prevent the risk of a hack, it has become crucial to implement Two-Factor Authentication(2FA). But according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology standard 2FA protocols like text message pose a lot of potential security vulnerabilities. LogMeOnce is tackling the problem head on by revolutionizing the login process with Photo 2FA which implements 2FA and automatically signs users into LogMeOnce without ever needing to use a traditional password. Using the same patented technology as LogMeOnce’s PhotoLogin Photo2FA lets users snap a photo of themselves or their surroundings, which then gets verified by the user themselves as the second step in the authentication process. 또한, LogMeOnce is introducing its Secure Wallet, which digitally stores and encrypts data from credit cards, gift cards, driver’s licenses and more so users always have their digital wallet with them. With multiple layers of security, LogMeOnce’s comprehensive security offering makes managing online security convenient and quick without having to rely on a single password.

2FA typically requires users to first enter a password and then something that only the user knows like security pin or code, but with LogMeOnce users can go completely password-less. Users can choose to use a photo, their fingerprint or PIN code as the first form of authentication required with 2FA, and then LogMeOnce’s Photo2FA can be used as the second step in the authentication process. With Photo2FA, users take a photo of themselves, an object or their surroundings on their desktop and approve (or reject)the photo, which gets sent to a trusted mobile device for human authentication.The photo expires in 60 seconds and self-destructs after each use, so a user’s photo “password” is always unique. Photo2FA’s patented technology is built with objective data. Unlike Facial Recognition products, Photo2FA does not require a user to blink, wink, tilt their head or shake their body. The dynamic and millisecond photo intelligence not only makes the login process frictionless, but also ensures there is a human element to authentication. Rather than relying on a server to detect a hacker, the user has the power to stop an intruder from gaining access to their account by rejecting their login attempt.

Photo2FA의 혜택을 원하는 사용자의 경우, but don’t have a working webcam or don’t want to take a photo of themselves, LogMeOnce is also announcing it’s Visual One-Time Password (OTP) feature as a 2FA authentication option. 카메라 OTP 독립적으로 산출 함과 동시에, 사용자의 컴퓨터 및 모바일 장치에 표시되는 영상 OTP 고유 코드를 생성, 사용자로 하여금 코드를 시각적으로 확인하여 자신을 인증하기.

“Identity authentication and passwords are not one in the same,” says Kevin Shahbazi, CEO of LogMeOnce. “Identity in the real world relies on physical identification, like a birth certificate or Social Security Number, to prove that you are who you say you are. Online, the key to identity is human authentication.A simple password used to suffice, but now passwords have proven to be weak and used repeatedly across several accounts. Password-less logins, like with Photo2FAand Visual OTP, are the future of two-factor authentications you can add multiple security barriers in which users can rely on themselves instead of a robot or server to give them access to their personal accounts.”

Also new to the latest update of LogMeOnce is the Secure Wallet, which is a dedicated feature for your digital wallet to store credit cards, passports, gift cards, membership cards and more. Secure Wallet makes shopping online easy. Once a user logs into their LogMeOnce account and is ready to make a purchase, the Secure Wallet form fills credit card data in seconds. It encrypts all data locally on the user’s computer or mobile device and ensures users have access to data stored in their Secure Wallet, anywhere and anytime.

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