Has your email been compromised?

Don’t get surprised! See if your email and information is vulnerable BEFORE something happens.
Use the Dark Web Scanner to see if your email shows up.

Search to see if your credentials have been exposed on the dark web.
Check if your business or employees credentials have been exposed.

Peace of Mind with Identity Theft Protection


Monitoraggio scuro Web

Monitor dark web risks affecting your account. Receive notifications if your identity information is exposed and found online on the dark web.


Monitoraggio password persa

Check published databases and verify if your passwords have been compromised in a data breach or publicly exposed on the internet.


Account Takeover (ATO)

Account Takeover (ATO) is a form of identity theft where hackers (unauthorized users) illegally gain access to your online accounts. There are two types of ATO, namely Credential Stuffing and Credential Cracking.


Anti-Hacker Protector

Piuttosto che essere vittima di un attacco di sicurezza informatica, you are on the offense with LogMeOnce. I tentativi di hacking vengono rilevati e gestiti senza problemi.


Hybrid Identity Score

A unique array of security flags detect weaknesses and gaps, and improve your defensive posture against potential hackers.