Authentication (2FA)

دو فاکتور تأیید هویت

2FA = Improve Security & بهره وری +
Reduce Data Theft & costs

Still using a lone password?

2 Factor Authentication is the solution. Your everyday password is the traditional security method to be authenticated. It relies on one layer of defense. اساسا, a lone password is weak, as it relies on the diligence of the user, who should take “multiple” additional security precautions. There is no guarantee that an individual would really follow through best security practices.

“Credentials Used For Target Hack Reportedly Stolen From HVAC Vendor”


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دو فاکتور تأیید هویت

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor Authentication (2FA) is a security method in which the user provides two pieces of identification. This means you will protect your credentials with two layers of defense;

  • 1st layer = Something that you know (a memorized password)
  • 2nd layer = Something that you have (another password like a soft / hard token)

Two-Factor Authentication for Everybody:

LogMeOnce offers the richest selection of 2FA methodologies. With LogMeOnce 2FA you get your own padlock of encryption and lock down your data yourself. And YOU are the ONLY one who has the encryption key. After you login with your first password, a second password will be delivered to you by LogmeOnce via any of the options you choose.

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دو فاکتور تأیید هویت (2FA)

Comprehensive Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) offerings

2FA is a security method requiring two pieces of identification before granting access. We provide the richest selection of 2FA methods, and protect your credentials with two layers of defense:

  • Selfie 2FA
  • SMS Message
  • Voice Call
  • Email Message
  • Google Authenticator
  • USB Token
  • X.509 Certificate

Note: A one-time password (OTP) will be sent to you via SMS, voice call or any other delivery methods you choose as part of 2FA. The password is only valid for 3 minutes and for one login session. OTP can only be used once.

No more typing.
Go with Selfie-2FA

Selfie-2FA is one of LogMeOnce newest Two-Factor Authentication methodologies.

The patent pending Selfie-2FA is superbly unique as an actual image, photo, or picture of an object is delivered for the 2nd factor of authentication. Unlike traditional Selfie-2FA products that use a “One Time Token” and string of digit for a 2nd factor, Selfie-2FA use of an authentic image greatly adds to processing of secure credentials.

Selfie-2FA also avoids disadvantage of traditional 2FA products which require user to carry a hardware token (dongle), which have the inconvenience of establishing token’s secure communication.

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Multi Factor Authentication Solution

Why Two-Factor Authentication, and Why Now?

Senior security experts agree that security is a layered approach. It’s not just about encryption. It’s not just about passwords. It should be a holistic approach, so that if one layer fails, the other, multiple layers of protection are in place to fill in the holes. In essence, it’s a team effort between Hash, SALT, encryption, best practices, policy, logs, and so on.

Let’s use a basketball analogy here. Basketball is a team effort. It’s not one man’s responsibility to protect the basket. بنابراین, if an opposing forward passes by a point guard or defender’s zone, other teammates can swoop in to protect the basket. The sport too, relies on having defensive layers. LogmeOnce provides you with a defensive posture to protect the basket of your files, documents, credit cards, and — most important — your identity.

LogmeOnce advocates security is a multi-layered approach to build your defenses. Because LogmeOnce doesn’t use third-party USB sticks, our Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), combined with military-grade AES encryption, along with 26-layer encryption method operates entirely within the LogmeOnce system, providing even better protection. Multiple security layers form a comprehensive security umbrella designed for end-user convenience, security and ease of use.

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Do you prefer automatic 2FA?

Enjoy LogMeOnce PhotoLogin.

امنیت موبایل

برای ورود به کامپیوتر شما, به سادگی برای یک عکس را مطرح. کلیک کنید بر روی عکسوارد شدن آیکون بر روی دسکتاپ شما, و عکس خواهد شد به دستگاه تلفن همراه مورد اعتماد خود را ارسال.

هنگامی که یک عکس امن در دریافت خود (iOS / اندیشه) دستگاه, شما می توانید تایید یا رد دسترسی.

هنگامی که شما با کلیک بر روی "آره, منم!" بر روی دستگاه تلفن همراه خود را, دسترسی خواهد بود را روی کامپیوتر خود اعطا. این که ساده و کاربر پسند است! لذت بردن از 2FA اتوماتیک & Password Less دسترسی با عکسوارد شدن.

Ask us for LogmeOnce Software Development kit “SDK”.

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