How LogMeOnce PasswordLess Login works

LogMeOnce “Patented” PasswordLess authentication is far more secure, convenient, easy to use, simple, and powerful. علاوه بر این, it includes automatic 2FA, so you don’t need to do anything or enter a 2nd password code!

For PasswordLess access, click on one of the four PasswordLess options on your computer. In this example, we will explain PhotoLogin which will snap a photo and send it to your mobile device. If you have multiple iPhone, iPad, Android devices, no worries. If you wish, you can enroll or un-enroll all of your devices. Choose device of the day, and send “today’s” authorizations to that device! Or change every hour, or every other login attempt. You have choices!

Only LogMeOnce offers multiple addition PasswordLess options:

How LogMeOnce Authentication with Password works

امروز, شما ممکن است یک رمز عبور برای دسترسی به حساب های خود استفاده کنید. در حالی که شما می خواهید محافظت چند لایه برای حفظ هویت آنلاین شما و امن اطلاعات شما, یک راه بسیار ساده تر وجود دارد. LogMeOnce “Patented” authentication is far more secure, convenient, easy to use, and simple, powerful. Only LogMeOnce offers multiple authentication options:

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