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Add-on Modules & Pricing
Directory Integration, $1
Auto Password Changer, $1
User Provisioning, $2
Risk Based Auth. , $2
Adaptive MFA Auth. , $3
Mugshot, $3
Mobile Security is Free

(40% bundle discount)
Add-on Modules & Pricing
مدیریت رمز عبور
Auto Login & Single Sign-On (SSO)
for desktop & mobile
"رایگان" Mobile Security
User Provisioning
Role Management & Delegated Admins
Real-time Administrative Dashboard


$14 MSRP
$840 Get 40% mobile

AD/LDAP Directory Integration
Mobile Device Management (MDM)
with Anti-Theft
Automatic Password Changer
Adaptive MFA Authentication
Whopping 40% discount
with annual plan for $8.40
Supported Devices & Platforms
Free Mobile Edition:
آیفون, iPad & Android
desktop    Desktop Edition:
ویندوز, مک
(Windows OS)
cloud    Cloud Edition
browser   کروم, Firefox,
Safari, and IE
مدیریت هویت (IDM)
مدیریت رمز عبور
مدیریت رمز عبور, Autofill
بازیابی رمز عبور امن
(Self-Service Forgot Password)
ورود یک کلیک
قوی ژنراتور کلمه عبور
On-the-Fly Password Security
Detect Duplicate Passwords
تنها ثبت نام در (Auto Login)
تنها ثبت نام در (SSO)
Enjoy added security and convenience. Auto
login to your apps or account with a single click
empowered by LogmeOnce SSO.
Secure Access to Cloud & SaaS
برنامه های کاربردی
پشتیبانی SSO برای برنامه های سفارشی
تنها ورود-خروج (SLO)
فدرال SAML SSO
Mobile Security Management
مدیر رمز عبور موبایل,,en,مدیر رمز عبور موبایل,,en,مدیر رمز عبور موبایل,,en,مدیر رمز عبور موبایل,,en,مدیر رمز عبور موبایل,,en,مدیر رمز عبور موبایل,,en,مدیر رمز عبور موبایل,,en,مدیر رمز عبور موبایل,,en,مدیر رمز عبور موبایل,,en,مدیر رمز عبور موبایل,,en
Multiple Dashboard Themes for Managing Passwords
Password Dialer ©
Fingerprint Biometrics, iOS Touch ID Authentication
Fingerprint Biometrics, Android Fingerprint Authentication
Complex Password Generator
Private Browser
Secure & Private Browser
Integrated Mobile Security
User Provisioning
Simplified User Provisioning
User Provisioning
User Onboarding
User Off-boarding
Mugshot: Detect invalid Attempts
Detect Hackers, intruders, disgruntled
employees, و غیره.
Mugshot: Detect Valid Login
It can identify a real user from an impostor!
Mugshot Extra Security Layers
With Mugshot feature you will be able to
establish multiple additional security layers to
better protect your credentials and be satisfied
that you have caught them in the act and stop
them from taking your identity!

Only LogMeOnce gives a full security benefit
on all of your passwords whatever device
are using! Have peace of mind that your
passwords are always protected with more layers
of security.
LogMeOnce Application Security
Keep Hackers Away.Catch your potential
identity thief in the act! Find out who may be
trying to break into your LogMeOnce account
through your various devices (آیفون, اپل,
آندروید, Windows PC and laptop). بیشتر, if you
lose your Android phone, LogMeOnce Mugshot
will detect break-ins to your device.

Snatch your intruder’s photo. He is busted!
Mugshot for Device Security
Snap your hacker’s photo! Find out who may be
trying to break into your LogmeOnce account
through your various devices.

Take your intruder’s photo and it will be emailed
in confidence to you. Processes take place in the
background without intruder’s knowledge.
Snatch Your Intruder's Photo
Front-Facing Camera - Snap the intruder’s
picture with a front-facing camera.

Rear-Facing Camera - Get more clues about the
intruder with the rear-facing camera, which takes
a photo of intruder’s surroundings
Break-in Activities
Dynamic charts display break-in or hacking
activities and attempts towards your Application
or device. Detailed charts show daily, weekly,
monthly, and annual attempts.
Break-in Location data
Find out where the hack originated from. Break-
in location information, such as City, State and
country, which are associated with
Intruder/hacker’s GPS coordinates, will be
جمع آوری شده. A map will also be shown.
Intruder's IP Address
Intruder's IP address will be collected.
Mugshot Photo Gallery
Intruder’s Mugshot will be posted in your
account for your viewing and verification.
Break-in GPS Coordinates
Intruder's GPS coordinates (column)
Break-in (Intruder) Geolocation
Displayed via Google map on your dashboard
Mugshot Data Collection
Break-in data are collected via all sensors that
you have activated via LogMeOnce Settings.
Mugshot Comprehensive Reporting
Users can log in to their LogMeOnce web account and access a comprehensive dashboard with detailed reports about possible intruders, GPS location, audio, ویدیو, IP address, attempt time & date, location, and mugshot of intruders via webcam or phone camera.
Mugshot Report: اول 2 incidents
You will be able to view the details that were
collected from the first two break-in incidents.
Mugshot Report, Entire report
Purchase complete report for $2.99 / month.

Get the data and reports! View all possible
intrusions! Security best practices suggest
protecting your passwords with a password
تأیید هویت دو فاکتور
USB Token
(*) Requires LogmeOnce Secure USB hardware
SMS Message
Voice Call
Email Message
Google Authenticator
OTP Authentication
X.509 Certificate Authentication
Monthly Allowance Credit for Voice Call & SMS Message
Each month your account is filled up with allowance credit allocated for your plan. Unused allowance credit expires at the end of each month. At the beginning of each month your account will be replenished with fresh allowance credit for that month. If you exceed your monthly usage allowance your service won't be affected.

(*) All users may purchase additional 1,000 credits for $10 (international rates may apply).
0 (*)
50 Credits/ Mo. (*)
ادغام دایرکتوری فعال
LogMeOnce Cloud Directory
اکتیو دایرکتوری
Supports Multiple AD Connectors
LDAP Directory Server
Apache DS
Oracle Directory Server
IBM Directory Server
CA Directory
Virtual Directory
دسکتاپ SSO
Microsoft Windows Authentication
LogmeOnce Desktop SSO provides a seamless integration with Microsoft Integrated Windows Authentication and enable auto login to LogmeOnce based on a user's Active Directory credential.
Adaptive MFA Authentication
Adaptive MFA Authentication
LogmeOnce Adaptive Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is a comprehensive authentication which uses Risk base engine and enables IT administrators to define security policies on how to handle internal, external or partner connection requests based on risk profiles and request additional authentication or provision a limited set of applications.
Risk Based Authentication
Risk Based Authentication
LogmeOnce risk base authentication is a rule engine that reduces and manages of risk before connections get to your network. LogmeOnce validates all connection based on geo location, IP address, time of the day and other internal risk base rules and redirect users to perform appropriate actions
Integrated'Mobile Security Solution
راه حل یکپارچه امنیت موبایل
LogMeOnce offers the Best Integrated Mobile Security Solution. It’s Access Identity Management, password management, secure & private browsing, PLUS a lot more. Enforce policy across the enterprise and achieve better security and efficiency. Beautiful interface, sleek design for user convenience, simplicity, security and productivity at its best!
Automatic Password Changer
Meet security compliance mandates for password change
Automatics password change enforce by Administrator
Group: Auto Password Change via Dashboard (administrator feature)
Individual: Auto Password Change via App Catalog (administrator feature)
Individual: Auto Password Change via Vault (administrator feature)
Group: Auto Password Change via Smart Menu (administrator feature)
Customizable Selection for Groups: Auto Password Change via Dashboard (administrator feature)
Passwords are Changed Locally in the user’s System (administrator feature)
Password change for your company’s “Custom Developed Apps” (requires additional fee)
Automatics password change as Windows Service
Passwords are Changed by shipping to 3rd party sites

نکته: LogMeOnce ONLY supports password changes in user’s Local system to ensure the safety and security of your credentials. This protects you against some vendors who may ship your password to 3rd party sites which can be hacked during the process.
Passwords are Changed one-by-one, by opening a browser tab
نکته: LogMeOnce unique process protects you against some vendors who may invoke multiple unnecessary processes that can hamper the entire password change process. Such processes can be broken by a user inadvertently.
Apps Catalog
Apps Catalog
LogmeOnce offers four simple methods of adding your desired applications.
Add App: Remember Password
Add App: Browser Import
Add App: LogmeOnce Apps Catalog
Add App: Add Applications Manually
Audit Trail
تاریخ و تمبر زمان
اجرای خط مشی امنیتی
Activity Report

(رایگان 1-3 users get “Last 24 Hrs.)
Last 24 Hrs.
Last one Week
Last One Month
Last One Quarter
Last 24 Hrs.
Last one Week
Last One Month
Last One Quarter
حسابرسی از & amp؛ گزارش پاسخگویی
میدان دید شرکت
Mugshot: Detect invalid Attempts
Detect Hackers, intruders, disgruntled employees, و غیره. IT and Administrators can detect when an intruder logged in to their network. This brings huge benefits for compliance & insurance requirements.
Mugshot: Detect Valid Login
It can identify a real user from an impostor! IT and Administrators can detect if an imposter logged in to their network. This brings huge benefits for compliance & insurance requirements.
Mugshot: The Gallery
This gallery display photos of intruders
Mugshot: Complete Chain of Custody
This gallery display photos of intruders
Demonstrate Compliance
Who has access? It's a key question for meeting compliance requirements such as HIPPA, قانون Sarbanes-Oxley قانون, or NIST. آیا شما نیاز به اسناد و مدارک و گزارش از طریق مسنجر اگر کاربران مجاز پایبندی به سیاست های خود را, or if unauthorized individuals are accessing business data, apps and resources after they have left the company? With a single click, quickly get real-time charts, graphs, reports. Here is how others have praised our 'Audit-Trail and reporting'
Productivity & Reporting
Top 10 Apps Usage Report
Cloud Usage Report
Browser Usage Report
Top 10 IP Usage Report
Activity Report
Free and dedicated space is provided for all users to keep their Activity Reports. New activities get priority for space, and older activities are phased out. Older Activity Reports can be backed up or downloaded into the user's personal cloud or personal computer.
(رایگان 1-3 users get “Last 24 Hrs.)
Last 24 Hrs.
Last one Week
Last One Month
Last One Quarter
Last 24 Hrs.
Last one Week
Last One Month
Last One Quarter
Secure & Private Browsing
Secure Browser
Navigate the Internet without leaving any traces behind.

No traces left behind. Access history, کوکی ها, and all activities will only stay on the password protected vault.
Secure & Private Browser
Navigate the Internet without leaving any traces behind. Do not keep access history, کوکی ها, and a history of the websites I visit.
Biometric Authentication
Fingerprint Biometrics, Fingerprint Biometrics, iOS Touch ID Authentication
Fingerprint Biometrics, Android Fingerprint Authentication
Read Multiple Fingerprints
Special Two-Factor Authentication, Fingerprint + Password Special Two-Factor Authentication, Fingerprint + رمز عبور (for Android & iOS)
Federated Identity
Federated Access Management
Log in 'Once', and stay logged in with complete control and security.
Federated Single Sign-On (SSO)
With LogmeOnce Federated SSO, (you can) enable access to both SaaS and traditional applications for your organization, customers and partners.
Set up in minutes and quickly connect to SaaS Apps using SAML or other federation standards
Identity and Security Scorecard
Live Scorecard Dashboard
LogmeOnce's comprehensive scorecard is rich with features and functionality:

  1. LogmeOnce comprehensive dashboard displays all Key Password Indicators associated with password strength and daily performance:

    1. Total Security Status
    2. Hybrid Identity Score
    3. Master Password Strength
    4. Overall Password Strength
  2. Top Five, or most frequently used apps, with ability to improve their passwords strength
  3. Complete list of all of your passwords, from weakest to strongest
Hybrid Identity Score
وجود دارد 7 key elements incorporated in calculating your 'Hybrid Identity Score.' Gain full access with granular precision as to:

  • What factors are considered
  • How this set of values are calculated
  • How adjustments are made

You are provided with detailed steps and elements to improve your individual password strengths and total security credentials.
Live PasswordTracker
This important chart calculates your real-time and historical risks. It also displays all the Highs & Lows of password values at any given time, and also during the present 24 hours period. It contains three charts:
  1. Overall Password Strength: This is the ?mean value? of all of your passwords, in your account.
  2. Daily Password Strength: This is the mean value of all passwords used during a 24-hour period.
  3. Time Spanner: This customizable feature allows you to select any time span (daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly), to view your password strength during the selected time spans.
Master Password Strength
وجود دارد 16 key factors incorporated in calculating your Master Password Strength value. This includes 7 positive and 9 negative contributing factors. You are provided with access to LogmeOnce Password Generator and detailed steps to improve your Master Password's strength.
Overall Password Strength
This diagnostic tool provides a global view of how your passwords are created.

LogmeOnce Password Policy is a methodology on easily and effectively creating STRONG passwords. We also provide guidance on what should be included when you are generating passwords and what you should keep out!

This diagnostic tool provides reasoning as to WHY and HOW you are facing these passwords problems and includes the following important information:

  1. Number of passwords meeting LogmeOnce's recommended minimum password length of 15 شخصیت ها
  2. Number of passwords containing one uppercase letter in the password mix.
  3. Number of passwords containing one lowercase character in the password mix.
  4. Number of passwords containing one numeric character in the password mix.
  5. Number of passwords containing one special character in the password mix.
  6. Equally important, it will note if any duplicate passwords are present.
Complex Password Generator
Password Dialer © & Generator
Simply point your finger anywhere on the circular dial. Rotate and create a new strong password then simply copy and paste it in the right spot
رمز عبور ژنراتور; Sign Up
Upon Signing Up to a website, when you click on the password field, LogMeOnce Password Generator will Pop up, and it works in
the same way.

علاوه بر این, place your mouse pointer on the password filed, right click, and you can select LogMeOnce password calculator to perform your task
رمز عبور ژنراتور; Browser Extension
While logged-in to your LogMeOnce account, please follow these steps:

Click on LogMeOnce Extension icon located on the browser (orange color)

Click on password calculator icon

Our default password strength is 15 شخصیت ها.
رمز عبور ژنراتور; Online
Use online tool to test your password or generate new & strong passwords. Check for how long the password will sustain itself and how long it can last effectively.
یادداشت های امن
My Secure Notes
Encrypt and save any password, PINs, Wi-Fi passwords, alarm codes, access codes, router credentials, credit card membership information, and any data needing protection.
Secure Notes Per App
Keep secure notes for each app. It's all secure and encrypted.
Zero-Knowledge Technology
Zero-Knowledge Technology
As a 'zero knowledge' company, LogmeOnce does not know a user's encryption key or actual passwords. You are the only one who has absolute knowledge of your actual password and encryption key, hence only you can decrypt your account.
کاربر منحصر به فرد حقوق دسترسی
LogmeOnce دسترسی به کلمه عبور خود را ندارد. As a 'zero knowledge' company, LogmeOnce does not know a user's encryption key or actual passwords.
Browser Exclusive Access Rights
کلمه عبور خود را فقط برای شما قابل دسترسی را در مرورگر خود هستند. As a 'zero knowledge' company, LogmeOnce does not know a user's encryption key or actual passwords.
Device Exclusive Access Rights
Your passwords are only accessible to you in your selected device. As a 'zero knowledge' company, LogmeOnce does not know a user's encryption key or actual passwords.
Imposters & Hackers Vs Real-Users
Break-in, Analysis & Documentation
You can distinguish between a real user and an impostor! LogMeOnce Mugshot snaps a photo for each login.
Groups Management
Groups Management
LogmeOnce ensures secure access amid the most challenging of compliance environments. LogmeOnce IAM technology enables organizations to deploy a mature IAM platform, manage users and groups, reduce access and authentication costs.
Reduce Cost & Improve Efficiency
Password Dialer © & Generator
LogmeOnce's powerful features keep the number of frustrated users, costs and inefficiencies down. Our adherence to security best practices and our unique, streamlined methods protect businesses, IT administrators, and their end-users.
Dashboards Designed to Fit your Company Culture
Multiple Dashboard Views
LogmeOnce empowers you to choose among 11 dashboard views, and change the look & feel to match your company culture.
Dashboard View: Extra Large Icons
Dashboard View: Large Icons
Dashboard View: Medium Icons
Dashboard View: Small Icons
Dashboard View: List
Dashboard View: Details
Dashboard View: Tiles
Dashboard View: 3D Panorama
Dashboard View: 3D Flat
Dashboard View: 3D Convex
Dashboard View: 3D Carousel
Your Brand, Your Company Logo
Extend the corporate identity from your IT department to the information and apps you share with your employees, partners and customers. We place your company logo in a prominent spot so that anyone logging in to your portal lands in the same familiar territory. Your Brand, Your Company Logo.
Localization & Translation
Localized with 16 Languages
LogmeOnce product suite supports 16 languages to better support your organization and diverse needs. Keep the default language in English, or simply change the language you wish
Language: انگلیسی
Language: Spanish
Language: German
Language: French
Language: Arabic
Language: Hindi
Language: Filipino
Language: Bengali
Language: Indonesian
Language: Italian
Language: Japanese
Language: Korean
Language: Polish
Language: Portuguese
Language: Turkish
Language: Urdu
Language: Chinese
Secure Backup & Restore
Secure Backup of Credentials
Secure Restore of Credentials
Hybrid Password Management
NIST مطابق
Hybrid Password Management
The cloud is prevalent, but so are desktop and USB devices.

Only LogmeOnce provides a comprehensive dashboard that pairs up users' unique credentials to enable hopping between cloud, desktop and USB environments. Designed for security and productivity, LogmeOnce dashboard provides the same look and feel across the environments.
Hybrid Cloud Mode
Empowering Cloud, users can log in to their apps through the cloud platform, yet have the ability to switch to the desktop and also employ USB mode.
Important Plus: Designed for extra flexibility, encrypted passwords are stored on the user's dedicated space in LogmeOnce secure cloud.
Hybrid Desktop Mode
With their empowered desktop, users can log in to their apps through a desktop yet have the ability to switch to the cloud and optionally employ USB mode.
Important Plus: Designed for extra security-conscious individuals who wish to store and keep their passwords ONLY on their own desktop. Encrypted passwords are stored in the user's own computer.
Hybrid USB Mode
With their empowered USB, users can log in to their web apps through LogmeOnce SecureUSB and onboard LogmeOnce dashboard.

Extra Benefit: LogmeOnce USB also doubles as a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) security and access token.

Important Plus: Designed for greater mobility, only data is stored in the cloud. Users' encrypted credentials and passwords are stored in their LogmeOnce SecureUSB.
No More Sync
هیچ کسب و کار بیشتر همگام سازی
There are numerous problems associated with Sync. در اصل, a broken Sync of credentials or passwords will negatively result in failed authentications. The nightmare is compounded, when more than one device is out of Sync.

LogmeOnce cloud and desktop solutions are architected in manner such that it does not require synchronization for account management.
Stops Sync Between Devices & Browsers
Sync may not be regarded as a suitable method of exchanging security credentials between multiple devices or browsers. Failed authentication due to out-of-Sync devices may have a compounding effect for the entire authentication process.
Avoiding Sync Mistakes
What is so negative about using Sync ?

With Sync, it is critical to ensure users have access to the same information. اما, Syncing has historically been less than satisfactory for most users. When it is in place, only a select group of users may actually require exchanging security credentials via Sync, and it can create limitations upon all users. The issue is not about syncing music files and photos but important login data like passwords and authentication.

LogmeOnce has instead developed 3 products to meet users' distinct requirements. User data is always centralized in the cloud-based environment and parceled off in accordance with the user's unique needs and usage and access type.
مدیریت امنیت
NIST Approved Password Security Including Password Hash & Salt
NIST مصوب, تصادفی ژنراتور شماره
NIST مصوب SHA-512 هش الگوریتم
درجه نظامی AES 256 رمزگذاری
ارتباطات امنیتی اس اس ال
پایان به پایان امنیت
Your credentials are secured and encrypted starting from your browser all the way to the server.
Local Data Encryption
Data encrypted locally prior to uploading to the cloud.
Protection Against Dictionary Attacks
Protection Against Brute-Force Attacks
Protection Against Phishing
Protection Against Key Loggers
روزانه آسیب پذیری امنیتی مک آفی اسکن
Secure Team Password Sharing
Password Share Among Administrators
Securely share credentials to apps with other administrators
Closed Share
Your password and note are hidden.
Open Share
Your Password and note are not hidden, but user cannot change it.
Calendar based Share
Share can expire at a predefined time.
مدیریت برنامه
برنامه های واردات
گزینه های متعدد, از طریق برنامه توسعه مرورگر, بصورت دستی, کاتولوگ LogmeOnce برنامه, دیگر مدیران رمز عبور, و به یاد داشته باشید رمز عبور
برنامه های سفارشی
Add your own custom apps
ذخیره سازی رمز عبور
Save your secure and encrypted passwords on Amazon Cloud or other secure locations of your choice
(*) Requires LogmeOnce Secure USB hardware
ابر آمازون
ابر آمازون
کاربر منحصر به فرد حقوق دسترسی
LogmeOnce دسترسی به کلمه عبور خود را ندارد.
Import from Other Products
Easily import all of your accounts from another password manager.
مرورگر منحصر به فرد رمز عبور دسترسی
کلمه عبور خود را فقط برای شما قابل دسترسی را در مرورگر خود هستند.
Customizable Auto Log-Out
Auto Log-Out (SLO) is customizable and can log you out of all your apps with a single click of a button.
LogmeOnce Encrypted Backup
LogmeOnce enables you to create an additional backup for your own safekeeping.
Dropbox & Cloud Storage
Encrypt Your Data in Dropbox
LogmeOnce ارائه می دهد یک راه آسان برای اضافه کردن امنیت خود را به فایل های خود را در Dropbox به: Encrypt and password-protect the entire Dropbox folder or select individual files. اگر شما یک کاربر رایگان یا پرداخت Dropbox به است, شما به راحتی می توانید لایه های امنیتی بیشتری را با LogmeOnce اضافه کنید, که:
  • Encrypts Dropbox files and its content
  • با استفاده از رمزنگاری پیشرفته (AES-256)
  • آیا برای هر دو مصرف کنندگان و کسب و کار طراحی شده
(*) Requires LogmeOnce Secure USB hardware
Encrypt Your Data in Cloud Storage
LogmeOnce enables you to protect your own files in any cloud storage location. You can encrypt and password-protect the entire folders in the cloud or select individual files. You can easily add more security layers with LogmeOnce, که:
  • Encrypts cloud files and its content
  • با استفاده از رمزنگاری پیشرفته (AES-256)
  • آیا برای هر دو مصرف کنندگان و کسب و کار طراحی شده
(*) Requires LogmeOnce Secure USB hardware
Integrated SecureUSB Storage
SecureUSB Hardware Token
(*) This entire section requires LogmeOnce Secure USB hardware.
Encrypt Data on USB
Encrypt Data in PC
Password Protected USB
SecureUSB + مدیریت رمز عبور
Password On-the-Go
مرور اینترنت امن
No traces left behind. Access history, کوکی ها, and all activities will only stay on the USB.
(*) Requires LogmeOnce Secure USB hardware
امن حذف فایل (نظامی درجه)
بر خلاف حذف معمولی فایل است که محتوای ماسک, LogmeOnce employs advanced scrambling method to wipe out USB drive.

با استفاده از حملات رمزگذاری درجه نظامی برای نابودی اطلاعات, LogmeOnce اضافه می کند آنتروپی و تنوع بیشتری را برای اخلال در داده ها به روش های مختلف, شناخته شده به عنوان 0000000111111111000000001111111.
File Camouflage + USB Decoy
Using the decoy effect to your advantage, your USB is camouflaged with irrelevant files and images. If you ever lose your USB, outsiders will only see dummy files! Your actual files and content are always encrypted and protected.
Security Data Object technology (SDO)
Each USB is embedded with an identification token called Security Data Object technology. SDO is burned on the USB during the manufacturing process and facilitates secure communications and activity between the USB and software.

The embedded SDO in each USB is a security identification token that gets activated upon software registration and paired up with a user's unique credentials to ensure maximum security and privacy. نرم افزار LogmeOnce تشخیص هر گونه دستکاری با USB از طریق معماری امنیتی تعبیه شده و SDO.
Policy Based Security & Password Expiry
سیاست رمز عبور (استاندارد)
Master Password Expiry Notifier (default)
LogmeOnce encourages and enforces security best practices policy by expiring the master password every 90 days and on regular intervals. Upon set up, user is automatically notified every;
  • 3 ماه
  • LogmeOnce notifies users to change their master password, about 7 روز, 3 day, و 1 day in advance of expiry. Regular password expiry helps to limit your account's exposure to misuse.
    Why you should change your password every 90 روز: Mass hacker attacks are a regular occurrence, compromising millions of passwords. Certain types of 'brute force' attacks try out various combinations of characters to crack passwords by trial and error. Regularly expiring passwords may prevent such kind of attack, or at least make it less attractive, given that the process will need to be repeated time and again. Resetting regularly also limits the damage that can be done without your knowledge and helps to prevent continuing unauthorized use.
  • LogmeOnce Minimum Password Length = 8 شخصیت ها
  • LogmeOnce Recommended Password Length = 15 شخصیت ها
Master Password Expiry Notifier (customizable)
LogmeOnce security policy provides users with customizable and flexible options to expire their password, and on regular intervals. Upon set up, user may select one of the options from the following list, to be automatically notified every;
  • 1 month
  • 2 ماه
  • 3 ماه
  • 6 ماه
  • 1 year
For stronger password security LogmeOnce recommends to change your master password every 3 months or less. علاوه بر این, notification emails will be sent out:
  • 7 days before password expiry
  • 3 days before password expiry
  • 1 day before password expiry
سیاست رمز عبور (تمدید شده)
بر اساس سیاست امنیتی تعریف شده (در شبکه مورد اعتماد خود را / PC)
اجرای خودکار از سیاست های محدود (به عنوان مثال, 2FA)
پروتکل های امنیتی
پشتیبانی استانداردهای چندگانه احراز هویت
ایجاد حساب کاربری
X.509 Certificate Authentication
OAuth تأیید
از Kerberos / IWA
Application Administration
Administration Console
Administration Reporting
Self-Service Administration
Role-based Administration
Centralized Application Management
Support Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari
Support Mobile Edition: آیفون, iPad & Android
Support Desktop Edition: ویندوز, مک
Support Cloud Edition
LogmeOnce USB (Windows OS)
Dashboards & Views
Dashboard display: 10 & 20 نرم افزار
Dashboard display: 50, 75 & 100 نرم افزار
اطلاعات عمومی
Tiles View
آیکن متوسط ​​مشخصات
3D ثابت نمایش
Your Top 10 Popular Sites in a new browser tab
Large Icons View
Extra Large Icons View
3D پانوراما مشاهده
3D Convex View
List View
Small Icons View
3D Carousel View
Extension Menu with Mini Dashboard
Extension Menu with Top 20 Popular Sites
Extension Menu with Top 20 Popular Sites
General / Miscellaneous
Access from Anywhere
High Availability
Scalable Cloud Architecture
Multiple Language Support
Continual Application Catalog Validation
Default Group Management
Drag & Drop Apps into Groups
Custom Group Management
مجوز و صدور گواهینامه
Price per User
Paid annually
نرم افزار نامحدود
تا 3 کاربران
$2 /User/mo.
Unlimited Apps Minimum 5 کاربران
Add-On Modules
Directory Integration, $1
Auto Password Changer, $1
User Provisioning, $2
Risk Based Auth. , $2
Adaptive MFA Auth. , $3
Mugshot, $3
Mobile Security is Free
$720 (40% bundle discount)
Total Apps per User
No advertisements in LogmeOnce
Limited Ads
Number of Users per license
Patented Technology
انجمن / ایمیل / پشتیبانی چت
پشتیبانی تلفن
LogmeOnce Support Portal
Visit Support through
LogmeOnce Priority Support
خدمات یکپارچه سازی
Branding – Add Your Logo
نوآوری سنت ما است بنیانگذاران تیم اجرایی ما مخترعان از محصولات امنیتی پیشرفته است که وضعیت نام تجاری جهانی رسیده اند به رسمیت شناخته شده.

Goodbye, کلمه عبور.

برای ورود به کامپیوتر شما, به سادگی برای یک عکس را مطرح. کلیک کنید بر روی PhotoLogin آیکون بر روی دسکتاپ خود را, و عکس خواهد شد به دستگاه تلفن همراه مورد اعتماد خود را ارسال.

هنگامی که یک عکس امن در دریافت خود (iOS / اندیشه) دستگاه, شما می توانید تایید یا رد دسترسی.

هنگامی که شما با کلیک بر روی "بله, منم!" بر روی دستگاه تلفن همراه خود را, دسترسی خواهد بود را روی کامپیوتر خود اعطا. این که ساده است و کاربر پسند! Enjoy Automatic 2FA & PasswordLess دسترسی با PhotoLogin.


رمز عبورکمتر PhotoLogin

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