Why Use LogMeOnce

Ehkki soovite oma võrgutunnuste ja teabe turvaliseks hoidmiseks mitut kaitsekihti, seal on palju lihtsam viis.

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täna, võite oma kontodele juurdepääsu saamiseks kasutada parooli.

Ehkki soovite oma võrgutunnuste ja teabe turvaliseks hoidmiseks mitut kaitsekihti, seal on palju lihtsam viis.

LogmeOnce encrypted USB authenticates you with hardware token to log in to your accounts. Your passwords are protected with AES-256 encryption technology. Imagine adding the presence of a physical key (padlock), similar to a house key, which will work hand-in-hand with your password (hardware key is optional). Even if a hacker steals your password, what are the chances that he will find your physical key at the same time, and insert it in to your computer too? hästi, that is the power of integrated security that LogmeOnce is bringing to you.

Why Should I use LogmeOnce? The Powerful Single Sign On SSO Login Solution

LogmeOnce “26” Solid LogmeOnce SSO Login Differentiators

Single Sign On SSO Login Importance

Secure your SSO Login Credentials

täna, how do you guard your user IDs, passwords and SSO Login security credentials? Is it on a sticky note, a word document, or saved in your system, which is open to prying eyes? LogmeOnce shreds your passwords with AES-256 encryption, just the way government agencies do.

Time to Eliminate Multiple Passwords

Passwords are yester years’ technology. Eliminate passwords, reduce friction, and increase user confidence with Single Sign-On (SSO Login) ja identiteedihaldus (IDM).

Access your data Anywhere Anytime

Whether you use Firefox, IE, Chrome,Opera or Safari you can easily access your accounts at work, school, and home or on the move.

OMB, ITIL ja ISO 27001

Juhtimis - ja eelarveosakond (OMB), Infotehnoloogia infrastruktuuri raamatukogu (KLITORIS) ja Rahvusvaheline Standardiorganisatsioon (ISO) 27001 volitused ja juhised loovad aluse turvalisuse parimatele tavadele. Pilvandmetöötluse LogmeOnce SSO ja IdM lahendused võimaldavad organisatsioonidel neid volitusi täita.


Get on The Cloud

Do not store your user name and/or passwords on your laptop, home or office desktops. Get on the Cloud!

Last-Mile & End-to-End Security

Security is a layered approach. Data should be protected in different layers and made available when needed. SSL/TLS is a transport-level security protocol. When the SSL/TLS session is terminated, your data is in clear text. End-to-End security relies on securing your data at the point of origin (your browser) and making the encrypted data available when needed by the same browser at the Last-Mile. LogmeOnce provides Last-Mile and End-to-End security even after the SSL/TLS is terminated.

Take Charge of your Identity

Establish a simple strategy. Defend your security credentials and data from theft or disruption of daily activities.Simply take advantage of LogmeOnce’s pre-established and automated security processes.

No More Sync Business

It is all in the Cloud. Maintain your security credentials safely with LogmeOnce Cloud Platform.

STOP Shoulder Surfing

Shoulder Surfing while typing user names and passwords is mildly terrifying and a serious concern. End-users are mostly concerned with malicious observers who may be able to acquire their password credentials by simply watching over their shoulder. With LogmeOnce there is no need to type in passwords to access applications any more. A Simple click on an application icon and you are logged in automatically through LogmeOnce secure and encrypted access management process.

Avoid Login Hassles

LogmeOnce keeps it simple in real-time, avoiding login hassles by regularly verifying security credentials, matching passwords and/or entering certain keyboard characters.

SSO Login Simplifying Security Infrastructure

LogmeOnce security Cloud is about virtualization and optimization, by simplifying security architecture for both consumers and corporate end users.

Patent Pending Technology

LogmeOnce patent pending technology sets a new standard in security credentials initial setup, exchange and use across any environment.

Don’t get Left Behind

Easily, yet securely, access and use the exploding number of Cloud applications (Facebook, Gmail, Salesforce.com, online banking, eBay, PayPal, ja veel) with LogmeOnce.

Identity as a Service (IDaaS)

LogmeOnce with IDaaS focuses on the interaction of four elements: the entity, the service provider, the specific functionality and the electronic transaction.

AES-256 Content Encryption

Your data is encrypted at your browser session using NIST approved encryption. After data is encrypted, it is transmitted over an encrypted tunnel using SSL/TLS to LogmeOnce server hosted at Amazon cloud. The encrypted data is stored in database to be accessible when you login. When you access your encrypted data, it is made available to your browser session after you enter a valid password. The encryption and decryption of data only happens on your browser. LogmeOnce makes your data accessible only after your credentials are properly validated and authenticated.

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SSL Communication Encryption

The flexibility and security provided by SSL/TLS and its adoption by NIST has made it an obvious choice to secure Web-based communication. SSL/TLS provides a secure and encrypted tunnel between your browser sessions to LogmeOnce servers. Your data is encrypted using AES 256 NIST approved encryption which means your encrypted data is transmitted over an encrypted SSL/TLS secure tunnel as an added security.

Experienced and Award winning Management Team

We have the experience and the industry recognitions. Our Management team has been inventing security and encryption products since 1998. Our products have become national and international brands, with adherence to global security standards, industry best practices, and outstanding customer care and service.

National & International Accolades

Respected and recognized, our management team has won some of the most prestigious security awards both in the United States and internationally, since 1998.

Only You know your Password

Each user has their own key, and no one else knows what that key is. LogmeOnce’s employees and servers do not have access to your credentials. With multi-factor authentication, users can build multi layers of security to enhance and secure any access to their data. Check “How LogmeOnce Works” to see how your data is stored and protected.

Centralized Cloud Management

LogmeOnce creates individual Clouds, enabling groups and management of various Apps categories. Label each Cloud as you wish. All apps and Clouds are centrally managed, for ease of use and scalability for the enterprise and administration.

Avoid Malware, Key loggers

“Miscreants have developed a strain of malware that makes sure website passwords are recorded by a victim’s browser” (The Register – 2011 Report). LogmeOnce enables you to avoid such attacks.

Advanced security and Integration

Enjoy AES-256 encryption and various security protocols like SAML 2.0, OTP, Kerberos, Open ID, X.509, multifactor authentication and Active Directory, Salesforce.com and Google App integration.

Centralized Access Management

Enable, disable or modify security credentials and manage access for yourself, your team and/or the entire company from LogmeOnce’s powerful dashboard.

Compliance and Security Policy

Introduce best practices, and create/enforce your personal or corporate security policy via LogmeOnce.

One Dashboard to See it All

Säästa aega, save money, and access all your accounts on one simple and user friendly dashboard screen, in real-time.

You are in Good Company

Numerous government agencies and commercial enterprises are already benefiting from Single Sign-On (SSO Login) ja identiteedihaldus (IDM). Follow industry best practices.

Secure Amazon Cloud

User credentials, which are encrypted on user’s browser session, are deposited and locked into the user’s Cloud Safety Deposit Box with a unique user-selected key. LogmeOnce does not have access to this (oma) key.

Chain of Custody

LogmeOnce enables you to create strong passwords, with SALT, hash, and encryption. You and only you, have ownership of your entire security credentials, not even LogmeOnce.

Tee oma elu mugavamaks

Are you tired of maintaining numerous user IDs and passwords? Are you tired of having to update and /or reset your user IDs and passwords constantly? LogmeOnce simplifies your life.

No More Typing

You no longer need to type a URL, user name and/or password when accessing your accounts via websites. LogmeOnce SSO Login grants you access to your desired applications with Single Sign-On. Stop unnecessary typing, save time, and access your accounts with one click.