Dropbox Security

LogmeOnce Encrypts Dropbox Files

Dropbox security man with a boxLogmeOnce Dropbox security offers an easy way to add your own security to your files on Dropbox: Encrypt and password-protect the entire Dropbox folder, or select individual files. Whether you are a free or paid Dropbox user, you can easily add more security layers with LogmeOnce, which:

  • Encrypts Dropbox files & its content
  • Uses advanced encryption (AES-256)
  • Is designed for both consumers and businesses

No need to migrate or change anything! Continue to use your Dropbox just like before, except add security and YOU hold the encryption key, not anyone else. It’s as if you are adding your own padlock to your storage space. And you have the key.

Encrypt Your Files, Photos & Important Documents

Dropbox security
Your photos and files in
Dropbox are not encrypted
(Your file may be accessed by anyone!)
encrypt dropbox
As shown, file and photos are encrypted.
LogmeOnce Protects your Dropbox
(All files and their contents are encrypted)

LogmeOnce is for everyone. Protect your Dropbox files!

We have made it simple.

No need to even install a driver. LogmeOnce has made it simple to protect all of your files. We created a secure folder, with all your files encrypted. You have 3 options;

  • You can back it up in your PC with encryption
  • You can back it up in your Dropbox with encryption
  • You can back it up in your USB with encryption

If it is encrypted in your LogmeOnce vault, it is saved and encrypted on Dropbox. No need to sync, drag or drop!
LogmeOnce Encrypts Dropbox

Dropbox Un-encrypted files

In Dropbox, “public files are only viewable by people who have a link to the file(s).” However, you don’t know who has access to these files and its content.

Storing files without proper security is similar to dropping a letter in the mail without a sealed envelope. Even worse is not actually having an envelope!

And it’s not just files that you may store in your Dropbox! It may be photos, personal documents, business information that can be simply a click away from anyone.

Safeguard privacy of your data; especially important when you are storing sensitive corporate data or personal information that should never fall into the wrong hands.

LogmeOnce Encrypted files

LogmeOnce is the perfect encryption solution for Dropbox, and other similar cloud storage services. Simply save your files (or drag & drop) into LogmeOnce. These files are automatically (on-the-fly) encrypted with AES-256 encryption.

LogmeOnce encrypts your files to safeguard the privacy of your data. Whether you are storing personal information or corporate data, it is essential to prevent a domino effect of letting your information fall into wrong hands.

Hundreds of Apps are pre-integrated for you by LogmeOnce:

  • quick
  • tumblr
  • cmnap
  • myspace_0
  • pnc
  • gmail
  • drop_0
  • blogr
  • airfc
  • hotml
  • jal
  • chrm
  • tyta
  • yaho
  • adp
  • flickr
  • luf
  • evrnot
  • umd
  • cti
  • twtr
  • junpr
  • amzn
  • blogr_0
  • relttc
  • eby
  • sap
  • ford
  • facbook_0
  • nfl
  • gwu
  • klm
  • gm

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