LogMeOnce verbessert die Mugshot-Funktion, mit der Fotos und Standorte von Hackern erfasst werden

Zuhause - Pressemitteilung - LogMeOnce verbessert die Mugshot-Funktion, mit der Fotos und Standorte von Hackern erfasst werden
Feb. 17, 2016 LogMeOnce verbessert die Mugshot-Funktion, mit der Fotos und Standorte von Hackern erfasst werden

This is part of larger app update, which also includes optimized password management and more

Washington, D.C.. - Februar 17, 2016 - LogMeOnce, eine führende Cloud-basierte Sicherheitslösung, gab heute ein umfassendes Software-Update für seinen LogMeOnce-Passwort-Manager für Verbraucher bekannt. Der Anwendungskatalog des mobilen und Desktop-Passwort-Managers unterstützt jetzt over 4,500 Websites und Anwendungen zum Schutz Ihrer Passwörter mit LogMeOnce sind einfacher als je zuvor.

Unlike other consumer password managers, LogMeOnce doesn’t only prevent hackers from accessing your accounts, it also helps you catch them in the act. When an intruder tries to log into your account and makes an incorrect password attempt, LogMeOnce’s Mugshot takes the hacker’s photo and collects pertinent information, such as the person’s IP Address, GPS location and time stamp, and silently emails it to you in the background for you to reference. Similar in theory to apps like “Find my iPhone,” Mugshot protects consumers by exposing the identities and the locations of hackers.

Mugshot’s updates include a blinking alert system to tell you if and when a hacker “attempts” to enter your account, immediately alerting the user of a potential threat. With the new alert feature, both valid and invalid users receive a security notice that alerts them of Mugshot’s photo and video capabilities, further deterring hackers from breaking into the account. The threats report has also been upgraded and now provides users with the physical distance from their attacker’s origin, the ability to sort attacks based on date and time or IP address and alert notifications via email.

“Mugshot is like an alarm system for your digital property,” said Kevin Shahbazi, CEO von LogMeOnce. “The technology creates a digital fence around your account to detract hackers from entering. For those hackers willing to hop the “fence,” an alarm is set off and action is taken so users can have a clear understanding of who is hacking them and where the threats are coming from. Hackers can be complete strangers, but often times they are an individual you know, like a former employee or partner, making Mugshot an extremely valuable and unique tool for our users.”

“We recently received an alert from a Mugshot user who found out that someone from the Philippines tried to hack into their account at 3 a.m.,” added Mike Shahbazi, President and CTO of LogMeOnce. “They were relieved to find out that Mugshot not only blocked his account after three attempts, but also provided him with the hacker’s photo, exact geolocation and recommendations for increasing his password security based on the attack to ease his mind and improve his overall online security.”

Other new features in the app update include:

  • Added support for users to manage access credentials for routers, Arbeitsplätze, Server und Datenbanken von einer Plattform
  • Solution to import data from over 20 applications and password managers
  • Enhanced password and auto fill customization for added control or security

The new LogMeOnce version 4.3 is currently available on the browser extensions for Chrome, Feuerfuchs, Safari on Windows and Mac, as well as within new versions of the LogMeOnce mobile apps on Android and iOS. For more information about LogMeOnce, including Mugshot, bitte besuche www.LogmeOnce.com.

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