Identity Manager & Access Manager Reality

Gartner’s MarketScope for Enterprise Single Sign-On (ESSO)

“ Primary factors driving ESSO implementations are high password related help desk costs and the need for shared workstation support. However, improved user convenience is the most deeply seated need. Enterprises turn to ESSO tools when users must manage a sustained, unacceptable number of user IDs and passwords for atleast the next two years, despite attempts to reduce this complexity with other reduced sign-on tools and techniques. ”

Identity Management - LogmeOnce Identity Manager & Access Manager

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Here is why both end-users and security experts are equally frustrated with daily password and login challenges;

End-user Frustration with Passwords:

  • Users required to change passwords frequently
  • Too Many Passwords & Log-ins
  • Lost or Forgotten Passwords
  • Multiple accounts to manage
  • Identity Management Challenges
  • Users required to create complex passwords regularly

Industry experts Frustration with Techniques:

  • Frequent password change requests
  • Users lack of password security compliance
  • Shared passwords
  • Password resets for unauthorized callers
  • Lack of audit trail for password resets
  • Users write down passwords
  • Passwords written down by users

The Problem

The benefits of Identity Management (IdMIdentity Manager & Access Manager) are an easy sell. Of course IT organizations want to automate user provisioning, put an end to “I forgot my password” help desk calls, and bring sanity to access management across the enterprise. Organizations who wish to deploy secure access management, protect user access to web based corporate assets, and connect these dots to standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley, FIPS, HIPAA, PCI DSS and even CEOs and CFOs are onboard with the realities and extent of being left vulnerable without SSO and IdM.

As important as it is for consumers to heed this advice, it can be even more important for businesses to use and secure the credentials of their various accounts and enforce corporate security policies and governance.

By necessity of our daily computing, corporate users may have multiple business accounts which may lead to selecting weak passwords for easy picking/remembering. Users rarely change passwords, and frequently write them down for safe keeping. Some businesses use Single Sign-On (SSO), but usually only a few IdM rules are available, and the same rules don’t apply to different systems. Beyond just using unique, secure passwords, it’s also important that businesses employ SSO and IdM when accessing web services. LogmeOnce provides automated security policies and precautions that companies can take advantage of to help simplify the process of secure access management.

LogmeOnce Supports Industry Standards

Security protocols offer numerous benefits such as added security, ease of authentication, standardization, credential management, and cost reduction while increasing overall user satisfaction with access to business applications and assets to perform their daily tasks.

Each protocol has unique benefits. For example, SAML benefits a diverse group with interoperable standard interfaces. It allows security systems and application software to be developed and evolve independently. In addition, SAML provides a more personalized user experience with platform neutrality, loose coupling of directories, improved online experience for end users, reduced administrative costs for service providers, and risk transference. Another such standard is One-time password (OTP) which is a password protocol that is valid for only one login session or transaction. OTPs avoid a number of shortcomings that are associated with traditional passwords which are vulnerable to replay attacks.

LogmeOnce provides support for numerous additional security protocols and standards such as SAML, OpenID, OAuth 2.0, Kerbrose, X.509 certificate, OTP, HMAC-SHA 512 Hash algorithms, AES-256 Encryption, SSL/TLS, Desktop SSO, and Web SSO.


LogmeOnce Identity Management (Identity Manager & Access Manager) Business Solution

LogmeOnce provides corporate users with centralized and smooth access to all their web applications (i.e. Payroll, web email, benefits, time keeping, training sites, expense reports) via a user friendly dashboard.

LogmeOnce Cloud security and IdM solution provides Cloud password management, cloud SSO, user provisioning and cloud data security. We understand that not every application or web site account supports standard and secure authentication methods. LogmeOnce provides a unified and strong authentication solution for all your authentication needs whether it is basic authentication, SAML, OpenID, OAuth, etc.

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    Real-Life Stories & Nightmares

    Real-Life Stories & Nightmares

    Passwords are yester years’ technology. Especially when you have to remember more than one password that could be weak, easy to guess, or rarely changed. Such passwords place you at risk for fraud and identity theft. You can now avoid Password Nightmares. Whether it’s about secure credentials, industry or government mandates , securing the cloud, stopping shoulder surfing, or using encryption to protect your security credentials, LogmeOnce provides you with the necessary security foundation.
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    Time to Eliminate Multiple Passwords

    Time to Eliminate Multiple Passwords

    To begin, let’s summarize what LogmeOnce is all about. Simply put, you no longer need to type in Web URLs, user names and passwords. With LogmeOnce, securely Auto- login to all of your Apps with a single click.
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    LogmeOnce Login Screen

    LogmeOnce Login Screen

    Welcome to LogmeOnce for your business unit. You may have hundreds of web applications that your team members need to access on a daily access. After you successfully sign up to LogmeOnce as a new user, you will be ready to start accessing your applications via your LogmeOnce dashboard. Type in your one and only user name and password.
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    Medium Icons View

    Medium Icons View

    For your convenience, LogmeOnce offers multiple viewing layouts and options. Below the “Reports” tab, click on “View” to select your desired layout. The “Medium Icons View” is a great way to access all of your accounts without the hassle of managing or typing multiple user names, passwords and IDs. Access, manage and edit your Apps conveniently from one screen.
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    3D Panorama View

    3D Panorama View

    The “3D Panorama View” is a dynamic and user friendly view designed to provide end-users with a simple way to access all of their accounts without the hassle of managing or typing multiple user names, passwords and IDs.
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    Details View

    Details View

    The “Details View” was designed for IT staff or power users with administration rights, as well as a simple way to access all of their accounts without the hassle of managing or typing multiple user names, passwords and IDs.
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    LogmeOnce Cloud Dashboard

    LogmeOnce Cloud Dashboard

    First, let’s browse through the main dashboard. On the top row, you can see several orange tabs which will provide you access to your “Cloud Dashboard, Applications, Reports, Users and Groups, My Profile, and Security”. Click on the “Logout” button to close LogmeOnce and depending on your browser, you can automatically log out of all of your Apps. There is no longer a need to log out of each App individually.
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    Add Applications

    Add Applications

    Under the “Applications” tab, you can search and add more Apps by using our catalog, which is a library of hundreds of our supported Apps. In your personal “Cloud Dashboard”, you can add as many applications as you would like, and view them based on your license plan.
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    My Profile Tab

    My Profile Tab

    Under the “My Profile” tab you can manually add and/or update your profile with detailed information about yourself, or your team members and also include your favorite picture.
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    Productivity Reports

    Productivity Reports

    Take advantage of the “Reports” tab, which provides insight on how to improve your overall web computing experience. This may increase productivity either for yourself, your team or your business unit, with powerful LogmeOnce Daily Reports.
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    Security Protocols

    Security Protocols

    In addition to our security offerings, we have implemented additional security standards that are available to both our Consumers and Business users. For example, you can set a password Policy for yourself, your family, or your company from the “Password Policy” tab. One Time Password (OTP), SAML, Kerberos, Active Directory, LDAP, and Multi Factor Authentication are additional authentication standards that facilitate advanced Identity and Access Management.
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With multi factor authentication, corporate users can build multiple layers of security to enhance access to their data. Web sites and applications that support SAML, OAuth 2.0, Kerbrose or other supported protocols can easily get integrated to LogmeOnce quickly. For web sites that do not support any of the known authentication standards, LogmeOnce provides additional support to enable them with SSO by injecting user id/password through browser extension (using a secure application installed on their browser).

LogmeOnce adheres to NIST Security standards. For more details please refer here link to NIST page

LogmeOnce “Business” Security Process & Deployment

Company employthe use of several websites for business in order to perform daily activities (ex. QuickBooks, Salesforce, WebMail, corporate Intranet, Timesheets). LogmeOnce Business IdM and SSO solutions offer each user their unique web site (their own/individual dashboard) with access to all their applications in the Cloud. LogmeOnce business and government solution supports both free and paid versions helping you to resolve your day to day organizational challenges.

LogmeOnce supports:
  • Web application SSO and Federation
  • Using trusted identity protocols like SAML, OpenID and OAuth , users can authenticate using SSO
  • Web Services SSO
  •, Google App and Amazon AWS integration
  • Identity Management (Identity Manager & Access Manager)
  • Cloud Data Security

#2 LogmeOnce Consolidator

Establish your security in 3 minutes;

Hundreds of Apps are pre-integrated for you by LogmeOnce:

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LogmeOnce Management Team’s experience includes:

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