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conștientizarea securității cibernetice

De ce conștientizarea securității cibernetice este vitală pentru afacerea dvs.

Experts estimate that cyberattacks could cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. Businesses are particularly at risk as they are lucrative targets for hackers looking to make money. A…

remote work security

How to Increase Remote Work Security to Protect Sensitive Data

Due to Coronavirus restrictions, your employees must work remotely. Remote work security is an afterthought. You don’t have the time nor the resources to enhance remote team security. What would you

what is single sign-on

Ce este conectarea unică și cum păstrează informațiile în siguranță?

Compromised passwords are responsible for at least 81% of hacking breaches. Managing all of your account information is a frustrating but essential step in ensuring your online security. There are

confidențialitatea datelor

Ce trebuie să știe liderii de afaceri despre legile privind confidențialitatea datelor 2021

Evoluția gestionării datelor creează noi obstacole pentru companii. Administrația CyberSpace din China a găsit 33 mobile apps that were breaking Data Privacy laws. Acum, mai mult decât oricând,…

hacker attacks

Biggest Hacker Attacks in History

The recent SolarWinds data breach was one of the biggest hacker attacks in recent memory. The attack compromised local, stat, and federal government agencies as well as many big tech companies.

business password manager

Why You Need a Business Password Manager

In the U.S., data breaches cost companies over $8 million yearly on average. La care se adauga, with more and more businesses going digital, don’t be surprised if the figure shoots to $10

bad password

Common Mistakes That Lead to a Bad Password

The only thing between malicious hackers and all your personal, sensitive information is one password. If that password isn’t strong, you can become a victim of credit card fraud or

preventing hackers

Preventing Hackers: Who Are Hackers?

Did you know the biggest data breach in history by a hacker compromised over 3 billion people? Hacking is a growing problem in a world that’s becoming increasingly digital. How worried should


7 Amenințări cibernetice care vizează întreprinderile mici

Small business owners too often think that they are immune to cyberattacks. La urma urmelor, it’s the international conglomerates that make the news when their databases are compromised, not the mom-and-pop

Scurgeri de date 2020 Listare

Scurgeri de date 2020

În 2020, scurgeri de date, de asemenea cunoscut ca si”scurgeri de date”, au devenit acum un termen despre care auzim în știri mai des decât oricând. Ce este o încălcare a datelor,…