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A Complete Guide on How to Compare Password Managers

If you have considered using a password manager, and if you’ve done your homework, then you already know that there are a ton of options for password managers available. But amidst of the variety of tools and features to choose from, security should obviously be your number one priority.

Prime Priorities…

While it might be tempting to choose the best password manager with the best features, it’s important to remember that features aren’t everything. The top three prime priorities for choosing the best password manager should be:

• Security
• Usability
• Accessibility

We will get into a bit more detail on this later on.

In the meantime, we’ve outlined some tips to keep in mind on how to compare password managers to ensure you choose the best one for you or your business.

• Automatic password changer: A good password management tool should automatically change your password after 30 days of use—improving security, reducing risks of cyber threats and attacks, and saving you time and money.

Read more about how LogmeOnce saves users an average of 283 minutes by automatically changing their passwords.

• Password generator: In addition to changing passwords, a good password management tool should generate random and lengthy passwords. But who has time to keep thinking up random passwords that are also secure?

Check out here to see how to use the Password Dialer® tool from LogmeOnce.

• Secure password sharing: We live in a digital world where we are constantly sharing data electronically. Convenient? Yes. Safe? Not quite. But we are so immersed in our digital world that we often either forget about instilling proper security controls and measures. The fact is that sharing data, files, passwords, and so on only increases security risks.

When comparing password managers, it’s important to look at one that enables secure password sharing.

• Get the Score: How do you know if your current passwords are safe? By checking, reviewing, and “scoring” your current passwords, you will learn which passwords are strong and which are weak.

In fact, most individuals, and employees in organizations, use the same password for all their accounts. And if that one password that is in effect is weak, then think about how easy it will be for a hacker to break into your systems…

The Best Password Manager

The best password manager should track your passwords by “rating” them in the following four ways:

1. Essence
2. Strength
3. Daily usage
4. Access activities

• Two-factor authentication: Gone are the days when we could get away with setting a password, or one layer of security to protect our data and files. Today, we really need two layers of security in order to ensure maximum protection.

A good password manager should offer two-factor authentication (2FA) capabilities. This means that your password manager should require two forms of identification before allowing you access. The two forms of identification are often, 1) something you know (such as a memorized password), and 2) something that you have (such as a token).

• Secure notes: Look around your workstation right now. How many sticky notes do you see with passwords scribbled on them? Yes, you probably posted them there so you can easily refer to them whenever you have to log in, but if it’s easy for you to see, then it’s also easy for everyone else…

Say goodbye to sticky notes and hello to secure notes. A good password manager worth researching should offer secure note features. Simply create a note, and it will be encrypted locally on your system or cloud. You can create notes, edit them, and even color code them, just like you were posting them on your desk. Secure notes are also easy to access anywhere, anytime.

Let’s Revisit the Top 3 Prime Priorities…

After reviewing the details in a password manager comparison, it might be overwhelming to try to keep all these points in mind when researching and comparing the best password managers. So, let’s refer back to the top three things: security, usability, and accessibility, and discuss them in a bit more detail.

Security – Obviously the whole idea behind using a password manager is security. A good password manager should offer the user top of the line security features and technology.

Usability – And while a good password manager should be secure, that doesn’t mean it should be difficult to use. Usability is another prime factor in a password manager. Think about it: If the password manager is too difficult to use, how effective do you think it will be?

Accessibility – One of the reasons why technology runs our world today is because it is accessible. We can take our lives with us everywhere we go, and literally access anything in our lives through our electronic devices. Fascinating, but also a bit freaky…

Security should also be accessible. It should be easy to generate passwords, change passwords, encrypt files, and access your data anywhere, and at any time, and with single-sign on (SSO).

A Password Manager is for Everyone!

Tightening security controls isn’t just a concern of enterprises; individuals are just as much at risk for identity theft and other forms of theft. Even if you think you are using creative and random passwords that are difficult to hack, think again…

Read about how some of the most intelligent passwords are no match against hackers.

So using a password manager is in everyone’s best interest, and doing your research with a password manager comparison is a great place to start. In fact, using a password manager can increase an individual and business’ security measures by 300%!

You can’t afford not to use one…

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