Hejmo Komercoj Kio estas la plej bona maniero dividi pasvortojn kun familio, klientoj, kaj via teamo?

Kio estas la plej bona maniero dividi pasvortojn kun familio, klientoj, kaj via teamo?

de Chelsea

Certe, teni privatajn viajn pasvortojn devas esti prioritato. Sed estas ankaŭ multaj fojoj, kiam vi bezonas dividi konton ensaluton, maybe for a temporary period or on-goingly.

Perhaps you’re working with your team members and need to share your organization’s account info with them so they can access. Maybe you recently hired someoneor let them go. It would be nice to have a one-click-away method to share passwords or remove access securely, ĝuste? Rather than having to create a new password, change it everywhere you’re logged in already, worry about the other person sharing it with someone else

Or maybe you are home with your family or partner and have a shared Netflix account, ekzemple. Would be nice to easily and securely make sure they can log in if you happen to be away from home and can’t remember the password!

Or maybe your clients are using password after password for the services, platforms, and apps you provide, and you struggle to keep them all straight.

With a good password manager, you will be able to protect yourself, your business and your customers from identity theft and cyber crimes. At the same time, you will be able to:

  • Only need to remember one password (to log into the password manager)
  • Generate strong, random passwords without having to remember them
  • Easily make password changes
  • Have an additional layer of security
  • Use the password manager across multiple devices

It takes a little bit of effort to find a good password manager solution, get everyone that you want to shrae with to download and install it. But compared to the hassle of maintaining multiple individual passwords or insecurely sharing passwords (at worst), it’s absolutely worth the effort to set your family up with a system that makes sharing secure and simple.