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What’s the Best Way to Save Passwords Without Compromising Security?

Did you know that a single data breach can cost an average of $8 million in the United States? This is why strong and unique passwords are critical in cyber security. However, it

6 Reasons to Take Password Fatigue Seriously And How to Avoid It

6 Reasons to Take Password Fatigue Seriously (And How to Avoid It)

Password fatigue is a phenomenon that can lead to some pretty costly decisions. We’re about to get into the particulars of what it is, why it matters, and how to

com recordar les contrasenyes

Com recordar les contrasenyes mentre les manteniu segures

Contrasenya. Qwerty. 123456. Què comparteixen aquestes tres frases?? They’re the top hacked passwords of 2020 en els Estats Units. These passwords are popular because they’re quick to type and

són segurs els gestors de contrasenyes

Els administradors de contrasenyes són segurs? Com trobar un administrador de contrasenyes segur

 Did you know that billions of personal records are stolen all across the world every year? Aquest número us pot semblar absurd, però és molt precís. This is why


Per què és arriscat utilitzar Facebook, Google o Apple per iniciar la sessió a tot arreu

Si esteu en un lloc web i creeu un compte per a alguna cosa, podeu tornar més tard, o fes una ullada amb una comanda, have you ever seen the options for


Quin és el gestor de contrasenyes en línia més segur?

If you’re considering using a password manager to enhance your digital security, but you’ve been skeptical… you’re not alone. Putting all your passwords in one virtual place means they’re in


What are the liabilities of password managers?

Remembering all the passwords you likely use on a daily basis has become nearly impossible. Not only do computer users have more accounts than ever, many websites and applications require


Is it wise to use Safari’s password generator?

Is it wise to use Safari’s password generator? With so many new apps and services coming out every day, it can be hard to keep track of all your passwords.


És segur desar les contrasenyes a Chrome o Safari

When you save your passwords in a web browser, they are automatically saved to the computer. It makes it convenient for you the next time you want to log in


Què tan segures són les eines del gestor de contrasenyes?

Què tan segures són les eines del gestor de contrasenyes?? Password managers are software applications that install onto your Internet browser, your computer or your mobile device to help organize and secure your online