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Incompliment de dades 2020 Llistat

Incompliment de dades 2020

En 2020, data leaks, also known asdata breaches”, have now become a term that we hear about in the news more often than ever before. Què és una violació de dades,…

How does someone get my password?”

How does someone get your password? You hear about having secure passwords, but how does someone get your information in the first place? Learn 4 common ways this happens. Més,…


Quina és la millor manera de compartir contrasenyes amb la família, clients, i el vostre equip?

Certainly, keeping your passwords private should be a priority. But there are also many times when you need to share an account login, maybe for a temporary period or on-goingly.


Què és l'autenticació de dos factors?

Two-factor authentication (also known as “2FA”) has to do with passwords. When you’re accessing an account that holds important information, you don’t want to make it easy for a hacker


“Es pot piratejar el meu Facebook o Messenger?”

Sí, el vostre compte de Facebook o Facebook Messenger es poden piratejar o obtenir un virus, per desgràcia. Facebook és generalment bastant bo per filtrar-los. (Per això, també és important mantenir les vostres aplicacions de Facebook i Messenger actualitzades.) malgrat això, de tant en tant encara hi són. S’estan creant de noves tot el temps, també.


What kind of passwords do most people use?

Most people fall into one of two categories: They use one password for every account, or they use a slightly different password for every account. malgrat això, neither approach is greateven

how to protect personal account data breach

Com protegir els vostres comptes personals contra incompliments de dades a 2020

How often do you use online tools, resources and accounts every single day? From Facebook to YouTube to Dropbox to email to making banking transactions, there are countless ways many of us rely on being connected.

With over a billion records exposed since 2005, it’s likely that you’ll eventually receive a notification to find that your data has been compromised and your personal information is at risk at some point (if you haven’t already).

Incompliment de dades 2020 Llistat

Incompliment de dades 2021

Què és una violació de dades? Un incompliment de dades exposa la informació confidencial d’una persona o d’una empresa. Generalment és realitzat per un ciberatac, ransomware, programari maliciós, o exposicions involuntàries. Les dades…

Unitat segura - Una solució d'emmagatzematge al núvol irrompible

Unitat segura: Una solució d'emmagatzematge al núvol irrompible

Cloud storage solutions are something that almost every person nowadays uses, whether they are business owners who need to keep a lot of files and sensitive business information in a

4 Ways to Use Account Freeze to Improve Online Safety

4 Ways to Use Account Freeze to Improve Online Safety

If you have never been a victim of a cyber attack, then you’re one of the lucky ones. As technology develops, the number of options for cybercriminals grows. Your data