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Gmail Login with LogmeOnce

How many times per day do you spend logging into the systems you use on a daily basis? From your email to your bank account to even iTunes or Amazon, it’s shocking to think about how much time we spend “logging in” each day, and how that definitely slows down productivity…

But there are solutions.

One of the best solutions to your “password problems” is by using LogmeOnce as a password manager. Here are some tips on how to Gmail login with LogmeOnce password manager.

  1. Install the LogmeOnce browser extension. Gone are the days when you actually need to download software. Most companies who design and produce software now spend their time and resources developing apps for devices, plug-ins, and even browser extensions.
  2. Look for the LogmeOnce orange icon. The LogmeOnce browser extension adds a little orange icon to your browser window, which you can click on at any point during your browser section to prompt LogmeOnce to remember a password to log in or to even view the passwords that you currently have saved. LogmeOnce will also rate the strength of each saved password.
  3. Select from the LogmeOnce drop-down menu. Once you have successfully installed the LogmeOnce browser extension, you can click on the drop down menu to access various options and tasks. For example, you can add an application to your LogmeOnce password manager.
  4. Save your Gmail login with LogmeOnce. So what does all of this have to do with your Gmail login? Well, after you have successfully installed the LogmeOnce browser extension, you can then go to the Gmail account home screen, like you would to log in, and then access the LogmeOnce password manager icon to add Gmail to your list of apps.

Then, when you go to login again, your password will be saved in LogmeOnce…so you won’t have to even type in your Gmail login anymore! Safe, secure, fast, and easy.
Finally, you can manage your accounts and applications easily with LogmeOnce password manager. It takes seconds to set up and it’s even easier to use after—saving you a surprising amount of time each day. With LogmeOnce you do just that—only log in once.
And the best part? LogmeOnce password manager is safe, secure, and saves you a ton of hassle.

Try LogmeOnce for free today, and check out our easy tips on how to install the LogmeOnce browser extension to make password managing easy!



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