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6 Quick Tips For Better Passwords for Your Business

We understand… Having complicated passwords that you update on a regular basis is a real pain in the neck and you’re managing an organization with multiple people trying to access accounts. Also, if you’re not super technical, you may feel daunted by the idea of keeping up with passwords. It’s very easy to just pick something convenient, something easy to remember, and use that same password over and over again.

But this is essentially creating a massive, delightful opportunity for a hacker to be able to latch on to one of your accounts and infiltrate your entire company before you can blink an eye.

It happens all the time, and more often than ever. 

More and more companies fall prey to countless data breaches.

What’s one of the BEST ways to fix this, without much hassle? Creating a solid password policy.

What’s one of the EASIEST ways to fix this? Downloading and using a password manager (which is where we come in!).



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