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Why Sending Passwords Over Email Is a Bad Idea & What To Do Instead

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6 Quick Tips For Better Passwords for Your Business

We understand… Having complicated passwords that you update on a regular basis is a real pain in the neck and you’re managing an organization with multiple people trying to access accounts. Also, if you’re not super technical, you may feel daunted by the idea of keeping up with passwords. It’s very easy to just pick something convenient, something easy to remember, and use that same password over and over again.

How To Protect Your Business Accounts From Data Breaches in 2020

How To Protect Your Company From Data Breaches in 2020

The 2018 Cost of Data Breach Study, conducted by the Ponemon Institute, found that the average cost of a data breach for US companies that have been impacted is $7.91 million. The average number of leaked records is 31,465.

2019 saw a 54% increase in the number of reported breaches compared to the first six months of 2018. In 2019 alone, the number of records exposed have exceeded 15 billion.

What exactly is a data breach?

Data Breaches 2020 Listing

Data Breaches 2020

In 2020, date leaks, also known as”data breaches”, have now become a term that we hear about in the news more often than ever before. What is a data breach,…

Dropbox Security

Dropping Your Essential Files Safely With Dropbox Security

The single most important and most valuable asset a person or a business can have nowadays, in the age dominated by information technologies, is data itself. The age-old adage “Knowledge…

Enterprise Password Management

The Finesses of Enterprise Password Management

Enterprise password management is something that quite a lot of companies are taking for granted. They are fully aware of password security threats, but they still don’t take the right…

Do’s and Don'ts of Team Password Manager

Do’s and Don’ts of Team Password Manager

If you are working in a business environment, you most certainly have to deal with a large amount of confidential data and various accounts, and your primary goal should be…

7 Best Practices to Ensure Password Safety

7 Best Practices to Ensure Password Safety

7 Best Practices to Ensure Password Safety Although Google, Microsoft, Apple, social networks, and basically every platform that you use on an everyday basis, insist on password safety, not many…

Your Security Wish List for 2018

Your Security Wish List for 2018

New Years has come and gone. You have probably already made your New Years’ Resolutions by now. Maybe one of yours is to wake up earlier each morning, or lose…