Password SHOCK© Protects Against Hacking Attacks by Sending SHOCK© Back to the Hacker’s Device!

У дома - съобщение за печата - Password SHOCK© Protects Against Hacking Attacks by Sending SHOCK© Back to the Hacker’s Device!
Apr 10, 2018 Password SHOCK© Protects Against Hacking Attacks by Sending SHOCK© Back to the Hacker’s Device!

LogMeOnce users can get payback by making a hacker’s device vibrate, set off a siren, or play obnoxious music. Password SHOCK© annoys hackers and aborts attack attempts.

WASHINGTON, D.C., април 10, 2018 – LogMeOnce, the distinctive market leader in passwordless authentication, unveiled today the LogMeOnce Password SHOCK©, an innovative, patent-pending security application designed to help consumers and businesses protect their passwords and security credentials, and manage against cyberattacks. Password SHOCK© adds a new security layer, by automatically alerting users about a possible hacking attempt while simultaneously sending a warning to the attacker’s device to back off. If the wannabe intruder ignores the warning and makes another attempt, automated SHOCKSare dispatched to the hacker’s device. Hackers that get SHOCKed face the unpleasantness of a loud siren, obnoxious music, a vibrating device, or shaken display until they quit.

Досега, consumers and businesses have had to passively suffer through a seemingly endless cycle of cybersecurity attacks. With Password SHOCK© you can fight back and send SHOCKS© to potential intruders—and force them to stop immediately. Once they catch on that you’re fighting back, they’ll move on to an easier-to-target account that’s not as vigilantly protected as yours!

“Cybercrimes continue to increase in frequency and intensity, forcing victims to scramble to protect their identities and leaving everyone else fearful over whether the next unwarranted attack will occur. Сега, if an intruder tries to target your LogMeOnce account, you can get payback,- казва Кевин Шахбази, Изпълнителен директор на LogMeOnce. “Password SHOCK© gives you the power to protect your digital assets and security credentials—and to do so with the kind of principles that hackers lack.”

Give hackers the SHOCK© treatment. Let anyone trying to break into your accounts know you’re serious about your passwords and security. Hackers trying to target your LogMeOnce account will get a warning. That may be enough to send them away. But if not—they are fair game.

Interested parties are welcome to take advantage of the LogMeOnce partner program and OEM licensing. Като "нулеви знания" технологична компания, LogMeOnce не знае ключ за кодиране на потребител или действителни пароли. С LogmeOnce, you are the only one who has absolute knowledge of your actual password and encryption key—only you can decrypt your account.

За LogMeOnce:
Founded in 2010, the award-winning LogMeOnce confidently helps consumers and businesses protect their passwords, идентичност, и данни. LogMeOnce rose to popularity with its feature-rich password management platform, and then with its patented PhotoLogin technology that gave users the choice of logging in with a password-less selfie. LogMeOnce innovations include a wide range of products, решения за производителност, and cryptographic and e-security applications. LogMeOnce industry distinctions include over 48 additional unrivaled products such as patent-pending Password SHOCK©, Mugshot, Планирана Вход, Сметка Freeze, Password Dialer, Kill-Pill, Против кражба, and Live Password Tracker. Допълнително, LogMeOnce Drive helps to extend security and encryption to cloud storage applications such as Dropbox, iCloud, и още. As serial entrepreneurs, the LogMeOnce management team has founded and scaled up to global brand status multiple startups, with successful exits and acquisitions, such as the acquisition by security industry leaders McAfee and Intel Corp. в 2010.

LogMeOnce is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and serves the global market with an additional location in Barcelona, Испания. LogMeOnce продава и продава своите решения по целия свят директно и чрез различни партньори. For information about LogMeOnce, SDK, OEM licensing, and reseller partnership opportunities, Моля посети, повикване (800) 935-4619, факс (866) 732-0324, електронна поща sales@LogMeOnce или All trademarks belong to their respective organizations.

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