Как Secure е LogmeOnce?

Колко защитена е на паролата си?

Are your Passwords Safe Without LogmeOnce?
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Without LogmeOnce

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Колко защитена е на паролата си

My Passwords Were Weak!

Не бъдете лесна мишена:

Моите пароли са били Напукани, Stolen и Hacked, искаш да кажеш, Колко защитена е моята парола?. Fraud and identity theft starts with users like me who may be employing weak or easy to guess passwords.I could have prevented hackers from capturing one of my passwords and easily find a way to daisy chain to pick my other remaining passwords! Сега, Аз дори не мога да вляза в собствените си сметки, и аз съм заключен. Аз съм вбесен.

Е сигурна парола

Удобство + Сигурност:

Защитете вашите пълномощия. Enjoy secure computing while protecting your passwords and IDs with Military-Grade encryption technology.It’s that simple. Махай се-на-на-кутия интеграция с популярните приложения, включително Google Apps, и много други. Просто изберете вашия App от нашия каталог и сте готови да отидете. По-голяма сигурност и бързо изпълнение означава по-добра възвръщаемост на инвестициите си и по-бързо време, за да ценим. Удобство + Сигурност. И, It’s Free.

Exposed Passwords:

Unless you have already purchased and correctly installed expensive encryption products, your user names and passwords are stored in a readable format, in your own computer. It’s like a sitting duck, waiting for a hunter or hacker to collect your access credentials in seconds. Have you acquired high-grade encryption software for everyone in your household or team?

парола за сигурност

Encryption that Military Kills for:

Get out-of-the-box security with LogmeOnce, and protect your passwords. LogmeOnce employs Advanced security encryption technologies such as AES and SHA-512. It is preconfigured and run in the background. You don’t have to do anything!

Колко защитена е на паролата си

Multiple Login Challenges:

Do you have more than one web account? Then, logging into your accounts requires multiple passwords, multiple user IDs, and sometimes even more. Accessing each App you would need to first open a browser tab, and then type in each and every Web URL, потребителското си име или парола, дори. With your existing method of accessing your accounts, there are too many steps. С изобилието на сметки идват твърде много предизвикателства.


Лесно вход с Dashboard:

LogmeOnce е най-чистият и ясен начин за защита на вашите пароли. Махай се-на-на сигурността кутия и предварително интегрирани Web Apps с удобен за потребителя таблото. Кола- акаунта си за да всички ваши Apps само с едно кликване. Нашата проста таблото е място за събиране на всички ваши Apps. От тази централизирано място, сигурен достъп и да стартирате някоя от вашите приложения и уеб сметки. Правилно, използвайки LogmeOnce, само с едно кликване, автоматично влизате в всичките си сайтове и приложения, без да се компрометира вашата сигурност.

Кой има достъп до моите пароли?

Това е страхотно, че мога да се създаде силни пароли с помощта на LogmeOnce. Сега, моите пароли са силни, I am concerned that anybody, or LogmeOnce’s computer servers or staff may have access to my passwords.


Само Вие знаете паролата си:

Nobody has access to a user’s password not even LogmeOnce. Your information is kept private because your password and associated information are all encrypted with a unique key. Each user has his or her own access and encryption key, и никой друг не знае какво този ключ е. Служители и сървъри LogmeOnce е не да имат достъп до вашите идентификационни данни. С мулти-фактор удостоверяване, users can build multiple layers of security in order to enhance and secure any access to their data. Check “Как LogmeOnce Works” to see how your data is stored and protected.

Where are my Passwords? Колко защитена е на паролата си?

I am stunned to know that as a general rule, whether I like it or not, passwords are typically laying around in any computer! I did not even know that It’s easily accessible by anyone. I guess it’s like a sitting duck waiting to be killed… I now feel that I am really vulnerable, because;

  • My passwords may be weak
  • Not sure how to hide them in my system
  • Not sure where they are stored in my PC
  • It’s scary that weak passwords are easily cracked
  • Passwords may be part of a hacker dictionary
  • More scary, I save them in my note book
  • Can’t remember my old password

Well what you explained above is great but. Just to make sure, let me ask this question one more time. Please explain to me where my passwords actually are?


Don’t leave your Passwords on Your Computer:

Before anything, please use LogmeOnce Password Calculator and convert your weak passwords to Strong Passwords. It’s free and simple to use.

Освен това, с LogmeOnce, you get to Encrypt, Hash, and Mask your user IDs and Passwords, using a key, which YOU and only YOU know it.This protected package is then saved in the secure cloud at Amazon Cloud Web Services (AWS). И, this is why LogmeOnce and numerous global organizations are leveraging Amazon Web Services for its secure storage, scalable and high availability cloud technology.

Following are more examples of companies leveraging Amazon Web Services to provide secure cloud computing;
IBM, PBS, Newsweek, Hitachi Systems, BSIL, Gol Airlines, The Guardian, Ericsson, European Space Agency, Yelp, Autodesk, Inc., Engine Yard, GatherSpace, GeneXus, HashCube, HootSuite, HostedFTP, Hotelogix, Channel Dynamix, Ci&T, Cirrhus9, DNAnexus, Arcus Global, Mainichi Newspapers,, Assay Depot, Autodesk, Inc., BackType, Banro, barcoo, BigDoorand Classle.

Например, through AWS Cloud NASA/JPL brings you closer to Mars:

Опасностите на Слаба парола, Колко силна е паролата ми:

If you see your password below, STOP!
If you are using similar type of weak passwords, immediately go change your password — before you forget. It takes only few seconds to crack these type of weak passwords

Time to Crack: 1 second


LogmeOnce Strong Passwords:

LogmeOnce Password Calculator automatically creates andsuggests strong passwords. For example “four grizzly bears” can be “4 Grizzly Bears!” which takes six quadrillion years to be cracked. Do you really think that a hacker would now even bother or would be interested in a password that takes about 6,000,000,000,000,000 years to be cracked? Most probably they would move on to a much easier target.

Time to Crack: 6,000,000,000,000,000 Years

Saving Passwords on Sticky Notes:

I have a simple method. I save my passwords on sticky notes. This way, I do not forget them. I understand that my method is insecure as my passwords may be stolen, but what else can I do…?


Secure Access Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device:

Yes. LogmeOnce suite provides secure access at anytime, anywhere, on any device using Secure Amazon Cloud. Потребителски пълномощията, which are encrypted on a user’s computer and a user’s browser session, can be accessed securely. These credentials are then deposited and locked into the user’s Cloud Safety Deposit Box with a unique user-selected key. LogmeOnce does not have this (вашият) ключ.

Your Weak Passwords:

Are you Frustrated? What is your password strength? How can it sustain to hacker attacks like Brute Force? What is your password length? Are you using Uppercase & Lowercase characters? Does your password include alphanumeric characters? Does your password include symbols? Are you using approved random numbers generated to withstand attacks? It seems like there may be too many unknowns to figure out here, while your security credentials are at risk…


Strong Passwords:

It’s very simple. LogmeOnce advises you on your password length, сложност, сила и дори повече. Фактически, LogmeOnce всичко изчислява за вас, и прави препоръки, както и. Използвайте парола калкулатор LogmeOnce да определя силата си парола, и лесно да подобрите качеството на парола. Направете вашата парола силен.

Shoulder Surfing?

Shoulder Surfing? Знам, че е толкова голям проблем, но не по-, Аз не съм сигурен какво трябва да направя за него ...


Спрете Shoulder Surfing:

Yes. LogmeOnce собствена предпазва от Shoulder Surfing.

Рамо Surfing, докато въвеждате потребителски имена и пароли е меко казано ужасяващо и сериозна загриженост. Крайните потребители са най-вече свързани с злонамерени наблюдатели, които могат да бъдат в състояние да придобият паролата си пълномощията като просто гледа през рамото си. С LogmeOnce не е необходимо да въведете пароли заявленията за достъп повече. A Simple кликване върху иконата на приложението и сте влезли в автоматично чрез LogmeOnce защитена и криптирана процес за управление на достъпа.

Заплахи от кийлогъри?

Ключови дървосекачи? Не, аз не съм сигурен какво искаш да говорим за. But I can see from these pictures that although these may seems like a simple malicious work, it would have profound effect on the way that I use my computer every day. It would have a serious impact if hackers can trace and duplicate every single keystroke I make on my keyboard. I did not even imagine that such a simple thing can exist that from a distance, a hacker can trace back all my steps and everything that I type. That could mean that key loggers can actually duplicate and get hold of every single password and users name that I have or type on my computer…


Stop Key Loggers:

Yes. LogmeOnce suite provides protection against Key loggers. Passwords could be hijacked in many different ways. The reason a password is stolen by keyloggers, is because the password is communicated in clear text. LogmeOnce prevents such problems by facilitating

  • 1st: Passwords are encrypted
  • 2nd: Passwords are hashed, and then sent as a secured package with SALT

Key loggers only get hashed and encrypted package which is worthless for them, as they have to spend year to decrypt it.

Multiple Passwords Problems?

Time to eliminate multiple passwords? Really? But how? I understand that Passwords are yester years’ technology. Especially when we have to remember more than one password that could be weak, лесни за отгатване, или по-рядко се промени. Such passwords place me at risk for fraud and identity theft. I am not sure what I need to do to eliminate multiple passwords …


Време е да се премахне множество пароли:

За да започнете, нека да обобщим какво LogmeOnce е за всички. Казано по-просто, you no longer need to;

  • Open a tab,
  • Type in Web URLs,
  • Имена Тип участник, и
  • Въведете пароли

LogmeOnce табло, предлага централизирана и потребителското точка лесен достъп, където можете сигурно Auto- акаунта си за да всички ваши Apps само с едно кликване. Спестете време, повиши сигурността и да се опрости живота си.



Cloud Identity Management? Не, аз не съм сигурен какво искаш да говорим за ...


Cloud Identity Management:

Yes. LogmeOnce апартамент включва Cloud Identity Management и облекчава болката, че крайните потребители се сблъскват или имат от управлението на множество пароли за своите облачни приложения. Withy LogmeOnce Cloud Identity Management you can enforce own security policy or corporate standards for cloud application access and improves productivity for IT and end users by relieving password reset requests.

Without Standards:

Have you already implemented NIST approved Secure random number generators to mask, hash and protect your User IDs and Passwords?


With Standards:

LogmeOnce се придържа към стандартите за сигурност на правителството. If you are a large business enterprise or a government agency, NIST 800-118 document is an excellent reference material to build your organization’s security policy.


I understand the value in Multifactor Authentication Security, as it helps to prevent hacker to easily capture login information. Even if a hacker gains access to one of my passwords, they can be easily stopped in the second layer of security with multifactor authentication. But, I am not sure how I can purchase or set it up, as it may be expensive to acquire and takes knowledgeable security personnel to set it up…


Multifactor Authentication Security:

LogmeOnce Multifactor Authentication Security (MFA) serves a vital function within any household, consumer or business organization -securing access to assets, protecting the identities of users, and ensuring that a user is who he claims to be. With the recent surge in high-profile security breaches, as well as evolving business environments that require entirely new considerations for access control – like SaaS applications and mobile device management – представлява промяна в това как се създава и поддържа доверие и контрол.

Вашият Internet Browser уязвимости:

Без значение кой браузър използвате, Вашето потребителско име и парола може да се съхранява или записан във вашата система, и могат лесно да бъдат изложени с 3 прости кликвания. Например, за Потребителите на Firefox, кликнете върху “Инструменти”, и превъртете надолу, за да “Опции”. В раздела за сигурност, кликнете върху “Saved Password”. Кликнете върху “Покажи Password”, и можете да видите на изображението по-долу, което е целия списък от вашите потребителски имена и пароли.


Advanced Encryption:

Encryption is the process of transforming plaintext data using a cipher algorithm to make it unreadable to anyone except those possessing special knowledge, usually referred to as encryption key.
LogmeOnce employs Advanced security encryption technologies such as AES and SHA-512. Get out-of-the-box security with LogmeOnce, and protect your passwords. It’s preconfigured and used in the background. You don’t have to do anything!
For Firefox users, the information which is displayed in the left hand side column in clear text format is now encrypted as shown below.

No Keys, No Management:

I don’t have a “Secure Key”, and I don’t even know what it is. I also don’t know how to manage my Password key…


Secure Key Management:

Each user has their own “Unique” ключ, and no one else knows what it is. Служители и сървъри LogmeOnce е не да имат достъп до вашите идентификационни данни, or even your key. С мулти-фактор удостоверяване, users can build multiple layers of security to enhance and secure any access to their data.


I don’t have a “SSL”, or I don’t even know what SSL is…


Secure Communication:

LogmeOnce provides SSL / TLS which are cryptographic protocols that provide communication security over the Internet. TLS and SSL encrypt the segments of network connections at the Application Layer for the Transport Layer, using asymmetric cryptography for key exchange, symmetric encryption for confidentiality, and message authentication codes for message integrity. With LogmeOnce User data is securely packaged and encrypted on user’s system. It is communicated over SSL encrypted tunnel based on X.509 Digital certificate and deposited to Amazon Cloud.

Without Best Practices:

No I am not sure what Best Practices are…


With Best Practices:

LogmeOnce Employing NIST and industry best practice solutions incorporating Password Policies and Military Grade encryption with Single Sign-on using SAML, OAuth, OpenID, X.509, и т.н., стандарти.

No! No Security Policy:

No I am not sure if I have a security policy…


Security Policy:

Information security is a personal, as well as a business issue, and not just a technology issue. The reason you would want to protect your passwords should be for sound purposes. Your passwords and protected data are arguably one of your most important assets. LogmeOnce ви дава възможност да се изгради своя собствена политика за сигурност. Необходимо е също така предварително конфигурирано по този начин не е нужно да правите нищо.


Спомняйки си пароли? Не, аз не съм сигурен какво трябва да направя, за да се постигне това и не забравяйте моите пароли по сигурен начин ...


Спомняйки Passwords:

Да.. Няма повече да се познае. Не повече ще трябва да прекарват времето си, за да следите за определяне забравени пароли. LogmeOnce осигурява подкрепа за запомняне пароли


Централизирано управление на достъпа? Не, аз не съм сигурен какво искаш да говорим за ...


Централизирано управление на достъпа:

LogmeOnce ви осигури централизирано управление на достъпа и ви дава възможност за достъп и стартиране на всички ваши акаунти от един потребител приятелски табло.


Поколение Auto парола? Не, аз не съм сигурен какво искаш да говорим за ...


Auto Password Generation:

Yes. LogmeOnce парола двигателя автоматично генерира силни пароли, с опция и списък за да изберете от. LogmeOnce дава възможност за създаване и използване на силни пароли. Можете също така да се възползват от LogmeOnce Password калкулатор. The generator automatically suggests strong passwords for your most convenient selection.


Single Log in or log out? Не, аз не съм сигурен какво искаш да говорим за ...


Single Log In & Single Log Out:

Множество правителствени агенции и търговски предприятия, които вече се ползват от Single Sign-On (SSO Вход) и управление на идентичността (IdM). Следвайте най-добрите индустриални практики. LogmeOnce ви осигури централизирано управление на достъпа и ви дава възможност за достъп и стартиране на всички ваши акаунти от един потребител приятелски табло.

СМЕ, Federation, User Provisioning & LDAP

We are facing limitations of traditional desktop client deployment, high deployment risk and operational costs. We would like to provide fast, and secure access to applications for employees and partners.

Ние сме също търсят безпроблемна интеграция с популярните приложения за прилагане общата политика за сигурност и докладването за съответствието за всеки краен потребител, и в цялата организация.

Освен това, съответствие с FICAM или Федерална Идентичност Credential и управление за достъпа, и използване на LDAP, Active Directory, Federation, Потребителят и провизиране са важни за нашата агенция, организация или екип.


Правителствени агенции, DoD, Големи предприятия:

Независимо дали сте сигурна NOC (Network Operations Centre), военно поделение,организация, предприятие,, или от неправителствения сектор, LogmeOnce is designed to support you in multiple ways.
You may deploy LogmeOnce, by using;

  • Правителство Cloud
  • Вашият Private Cloud
  • Вашият център за данни
  • Или LogmeOnce Data Center

You may benefit from LogmeOnce comprehensive features and functionality, and provide your users with centralized access management, unified sign-on, SSO, IdM and comprehensive secure authentication for all web / SaaS Apps. With a centralized framework for security and compliance enforcement, LogmeOnce eliminates the need for multiple usernames and passwords, and helps to continually enforce strong password and authentication policies.

To effectively serve government sector, DoD or large commercial enterprise, LogmeOnce enables you to efficiently comply with regulatory requirements, secure critical applications and sensitive data, and easily achieve lower operational costs.

Better yet, you may provide convenience, peace of mind andextend security and protection policies to all users whether on/off the premises, at the base, at home or while on the road and travelling.


Не, аз не съм сигурен какво искаш да говорим за. I am not sure what Last-Mile & End-to-End Security is…


Last-Mile & От край до край за сигурност:

Сигурността е стъпаловиден подход. Данните трябва да бъдат защитени в различните слоеве и да се предоставят, когато е необходимо. Сигурност от край до край разчита на осигуряване на вашите данни на мястото на произход (Вашия браузър) и предоставянето на достъп до криптирани данни, когато е необходимо по същия браузър в последната миля. LogmeOnce provides Last-Mile and End-to-End security, and also complies with FIPS 140-2, SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS.

Family, Team or Group?

Group Access Management? Не, аз не съм сигурен какво искаш да говорим за ...


Group Access Management:

LogmeOnce provide you with Group Access Management for ease of administration, whether to manage your family accounts, your team or administrate security for your organization.

It’s Secure.
It’s Convenient.
It’s Free.

Download LogmeOnce and Protect Your Passwords.

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