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Password Manager

Login with confidence. Protect your passwords and accounts with LogMeOnce rich features.

Identity Theft

Scan Dark Web for stolen passwords. Stop hackers from attacking your online activity. Collect hacker’s metadata!

Cloud Encryptor

Scan Dark Web for stolen passwords. Stop hackers from attacking your online activity. Collect hacker’s metadata!

Stay more organized and safe with LogMeOnce

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MSP Password Manager - The Ideal Way to Manage Passwords

Ideal for MSPs, accountants, service providers, consultants, the LogMeOnce “Client Password Management” feature
offers protection of company passwords and access to clients’ web accounts and passwords. There are so many
passwords—how do you keep track?

How do you deal with so many….
- MSP Passwords
- Company passwords
- Client passwords

How often do you update…
- Company passwords
- Client passwords

How do you manage them all…
- Company passwords
- Client passwords

Hundreds of clients, thousands of
passwords: how to remember it all?

MSPs, CPAs, and IT consultants need access to manage all their clients’ passwords (and their own!) Keeping track and needing to update them regularly is a never-ending responsibility. As a vendor, you have to constantly chase down the latest passwords.

Stop wasting time handling

Just as with clients, you are using password after password for your internal team. It’s your job to manage and protect each and every password so that sensitive information is  protected. It’s not easy! LogMeOnce securely manages all of the extra challenges for you with our award-
winning security platform.


I have been looking for an answer for a password management system that would fit my needs, my employees’ needs, and my customers’ needs. Finding LogMeOnce was truly serendipity for me.

Mike McArthur, VP,

Diamond Warranty Corp


I have many passwords to track for myself, my law firm, and businesses I am involved in. I like LogMeOnce ability to separate these out so I can work through one entity or one process at a time.

Donald C. Kudler

Attorney at Law, Esq.


I am even more excited about the LogMeOnce appliance. I need help with myriad of passwords, usernames, etc. Keeping these straight will make the internet an easier tool than it is right now.

Warwick Drakeford


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“Not a day without it”

Great product! I recommend it to everyone I come across who complains about password management.

MICHAEL B., Senior Systems Engineer,
Computer & Network Security,

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No credit cards required.

Centralized Management
LogMeOnce MSP Management Portal
provides centralized and hierarchical
structure with a global view of all of
your clients, their licenses, status, etc.
License Management
Manage your customers’ license centrally. Create trial accounts, suspend accounts and go to customer Administrator Console.
Monthly Prorated Billing
See consolidated monthly subscription for all your customers in one place. View upcoming monthly billing details, and where applicable billings are prorated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is MSP Password Management?
MSP Password Managers have features of a password manager such as managing and sharing passwords, plus unique features to enable MSPs to add their customer list, resell password manager to their customers, administrator customers.

Q. Why should an MSP select a password manager?
Businesses routinely look to these MSPs to provide recommendations and best practices in addition to the valuable services they deliver. A password manager helps in protecting MSP customers as well it is a new revenue opportunities for MSPs.

Q. How can you use MSP Password Manager?
Partners use the product in following ways:
  - As a MSP deploy LogMeOnce at client site and manage it
  - As a Reseller, resell LogMeOnce to customers
  - As Partner use it internally for better security

Q. What benefits does MSP Password Management bring to MSPs?
Beside protecting customer and increasing their trust, it adds the following values:
 - A centralized portal referred as mSP Password Manager Portal to manage their customers needs for all their password problems
 - It provides many vaults, so all company and user data is protected.
 - Password vault for MSP company
 - Password vault for every MSP customer
 - Separate individual password vault for each employee
 - Easy to manage client licenses
 - Consolidated billing for all their customers
 - Huge discounts and profits based on number of licenses
 - Multiple products to to sell

Q. Why MSPs cannot ignore password vulnerability
Taking advantage of poor passwords remains a popular vehicle for cyberattacks. Specialized tools that deliver password and
privileged information management are now more critical than ever, especially for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). As users suffer from password fatigue and default to password recycling, attackers are making it their mission to take advantage of this carelessness—and MSPs need to ensure their clients’ credentials do not get compromised.

Q. Why is it important for MSPs to protect their customers?
As MSPs, building trust is important. It is not all about making more revenue, it is about making your customer secure, so you build trust with them which results in additional revenue and they stay with you for a longer time. When providing MSPs on the front line and are responsible for keeping a host of client information safe, and password security is an important piece of this puzzle.

Q. Why MSPs should consider compliance
Compliance demands that passwords are changed regularly, and this is something that is easily implemented with a purpose-
built solution. Our clients have the ability to achieve direct and immediate control and secure password management, without
placing undue burden on our service desk—improving the experience for everyone involved.

Q. What can MSPs do to prevent their clients from developing bad password habits?
Firstly, MSPs should be educating about best password practices. Establishing this kind of vital security awareness isn’t the client’s full responsibility – it’s part of the MSP’s job to ensure that their clients are secure. If sufficient education isn’t provided, MSPs could be seen to be at fault when internal mistakes lead to password-related security issues.

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