Вашы перавагі кіравання logmeonce пароляў

дома - Вашы перавагі кіравання logmeonce пароляў

Your LogmeOnce Password Management Benefits

Every day, we access a lot of websites for personal or business use to perform daily activities

  • асабісты (былы. facebook, Gmail, Travelocity, AOL, Groupon, і г.д.), альбо
  • Professional (былы. Quickbooks, Salesforce, WebMail, Intranet, Timesheets)

Primary Benefit: LogmeOnce Password Management, кіраванне ідэнтыфікацыяй (УИд) і Адзіны ўваход ( SSO) solutions provide you with a unique, personalized web page, and enables you to securely access all of your applications from a centralized management dashboard.

Secondary Benefit: The LogmeOnce password generator reveals the number of years necessary to crack random vs. strong passwords. For instance, a LogmeOnce password may take approximately 1341 Tredecillion years to be hacked (with forty-two zeros). How strong are your passwords?

How long does it take to crack my existing password (былы. Jackson$24!)?25 гадоў
Check your password strength with our LogmeOnce Calculator
How long does it take to crack a typical LogmeOnce password?1,341,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 гадоў

Thirdly, another benefit is that LogmeOnce adheres to NIST & NSA standards which define guidelines for US Government Agencies intended for secure computing. In addition to above benefits, LogmeOnce incorporates:

  • 30 Solid Differentiators
  • Web application SSO and Federation using trusted identity protocols like SAML, OpenID and OAuth where users can authenticate using SSO
  • Web Services SSO
  • Integration with Salesforce.com, Google App and Amazon AWS
  • Воблачная бяспека дадзеных
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