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Are your clients asking you about Single Sign-On (SSO) і кіравання ідэнтыфікацыяй (УИд)integration, IT resources convergence, cost reduction and automation? Partners are embracing the opportunity, offering LogmeOnce’s platform where end-users realize far-reaching benefits from their day-to-day password management hassles. In parallel the befits brings great results for IT administrators who feel the dire consequences of exuberant help desk cost to resolve “Forgot Password” problems, or other related Access Management cost.

LogmeOnce converts all of the above challenges to business opportunities for our partners.

Become a LogmeOnce Partner and access resources to help you increase your revenue, expand your reach in the marketplace and develop new business opportunities. І, meet your customers needs with financial and customer retention rewards. LogmeOnce offers a variety of partnering opportunities based on your business model. If you share LogmeOnce’s vision and to become a Partner, simply complete our Partner Application.

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