إدارة كلمة مرور MSP

حماية كلمة المرور من الدرجة العسكرية ل VARs, MSPs و عملائهم

نحن نساعد أنت & عملائك زيادة أمن كلمات المرور بما يصل إلى 90% في 60 الدقائق.
MSPs وقواعد بيانات عملائها تثير مناجم الذهب للمتسللين. من السهل معرفة السبب. مثل
حفظة كلمات المرور والبيانات الحساسة للعملاء, يستغل MSPs كنوز الكنز للمتسللين.

خروقات البيانات
خروقات البيانات

بالنسبة إلى MSPs & ملك من:

كيف تدخر على الأقل $32,055.00 على
التكاليف المتعلقة بكلمة المرور في دقائق. سنويا!

لدينا المزيد من المنتجات لنقدمها. وبطبيعة الحال يمكنك كسب المزيد من الإيرادات.

تروج يشجع يعزز ينمى يطور 3 منتجات مميزة للحصول على إيرادات جديدة



Password Manager

Login with confidence. Protect your
passwords and accounts with
LogMeOnce rich features.

Identity Theft Protection

Scan Dark Web for stolen passwords.
Stop hackers from attacking your online
activity. Collect hacker’s metadata!

Cloud Encrypter

Encrypt files, images, and documents
stored on your favorite cloud storage
sites with your own password!


MSP Password Management Portal

Our MSP portal with a centralized dashboard simplifies
your operation. Gather clients’ security metrics, and
easily view all of your clients in one up-to-date page.


1. Huge margins for MSP
2. Extremely attractive pricing
3. Award-wining platform with rich features
4. Centralized client management
5. Centralized user management (internal staff)
6. Greater visibility of all accounts
7. Easy to navigate
8. Quick onboarding of new clients
9. Ease of configurations management
10. Multi tenancy
11. Avoid tedious manual work
12. Save time and money


Get more clients + Make recurring revenue

And help your clients bolster their password security

Ideal for MSPS: LogMeOnce ROI calculator helps you to see financial gains for you, and quickly bolster your security
skills at a time when you not only are seeing a growing demand from clients but also are increasingly the targets of
cyber-attacks. Its win-win by keeping existing clients, and adding more new clients who need password management.

LogMeOnce MSP /VAR /Reseller Licensing, Margins, Billing Model & Differentiators

Bring a deal to us and LogMeOnce will stay with you to close it.

MSP Password Manager - The Ideal Way to Manage Passwords

Ideal for MSPs, accountants, service providers, consultants, the LogMeOnce “Client Password Management” feature offers protection of company passwords and access to clients’ web accounts and passwords. There are so many passwords—how do you keep track?

How do you deal with so many….

  • MSP Passwords
  • Company passwords
  • Client passwords

How often do you update…

  • Company passwords
  • Client passwords

How do you manage them all…

  • Company passwords
  • Client passwords

Hundreds of clients,
thousands of passwords:
How to remember it all?

MSPs, CPAs, and IT consultants need access to manage all their clients’ passwords (and their own!) Keeping track of them all and needing to update them regularly to keep them safe is a never-ending responsibility. As a vendor, you have to constantly chase down the latest passwords.

Stop running! The LogMeOnce “Client Management” feature lets you focus on the task on hand—rather than worrying about access obstacles.

Stop wasting time handling passwords

Just as with clients, you are using password after password for your internal team. Keeping them all in check is a struggle. While some applications have a single login and password for everyone, some require a different login and password for each person, and all of them require something just a little bit different (a capital letter, a semicolon…).

It’s your job to own the latest and most up-to-date login credentials, and manage and protect each and every password so that sensitive information is protected. Its’ not easy! LogMeOnce securely manages all of the extra challenges for you with our award-winning security platform.


Peace of mind for everyone—you and your clients

Managed service providers, accountants, CPAs, and IT professionals need access their clients’ web accounts to conduct their services (maintain servers, databases, fetch banking related data, prepare tax documents, submit tax returns). This means constantly logging in and out of clients’ web accounts, either remotely, or on-premise.

LogMeOnce enables your clients with password control. They manage and update them. Then, as a vendor, you can get a full access or just “read access” to help your clients. It keeps privacy and management in check, and works best for all.

The LogMeOnce “Client Password Management” lets your team and technicians focus on the task on hand—rather than face access obstacles and wasted time when they’ve got a job to do.

Easily differentiate yourself;

Improve security + Lower service delivery costs + Bring more value to your clients

With MSP Password Management

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