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LogmeOnce is a multi-platform security management solution supporting PC, 맥, 안드로이드, 아이폰, and iPad. Access it all. "Read More"

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It’s amazing! Mugshot snaps your hacker’s photo, 비디오, audio, GPS location, map, and IP address.
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Welcome to Feature-rich LogMeOnce

이상 클릭 타의 추종을 불허 및 강력한 보안 기능을 ...!
Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Smart Menu
Centralized 바탕 화면 & 모바일 Dashboards
Application Catalogue
Personal USB, 2FA 토큰
Comprehensive 1FA, 2FA, and MFA offerings
Emergency Access with Photo
Visual OTP
Productivity Dock
보안,Custom-Made for You!
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Other Password Managers

Stack up on a sweet set of security features from LogMeOnce—when everyone else offers just one (ineffective) way to protect you.

Look out for vendors that offer only the minimum. A lone password is not enough protection. LogMeOnce does not hold back—since the 1990s, we have developed globally recognized encryption products offering thorough protection. What you need now is more than just a password. You need a foundation of security. Go Password적게. With our modular approach, you get to pick and choose the features that best fit your needs. Get access to it all.

수상 수상, 최고의 암호 관리자

"더 이상 암호, 중복, 잊혀진 코드 ... 그것은 비밀이다적게 연대"

비즈니스 & A; 엔터프라이즈 버전

  • IT 리스크는 비즈니스 위험
  • 모듈 & A를 배포; 확장은 IdM
  • IDaaS로 이동 귀하의 비즈니스를 유지
  • 암호 sloppiness 조직 아파
  • 기능의 톤 (더보기)

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소비자 판

  • 랑 암호
  • 사진 액세스 탐색Login
  • 보호 자동 2FA 시작
  • 당신의 디지털 라이프를 스마트 얻을 수있는 방법을 참조하십시오
  • 기능의 톤 (더보기)

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암호 관리 제품군

애플 리케이션의 수백은 사전 통합되어 LogmeOnce에 의해 당신을 위해:

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  • twtr
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  • 수액
  • hotml
  • 포드
  • KLM
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  • PNC
  • GM
  • 텀블러
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  • 물
  • ADP
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  • 피곤한
  • cmnap
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  • 플리커
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