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LogmeOnce мультиплатформенный рашэнне для кіравання бяспекі падтрымкі ПК, Макінтош, Android, iPhone, і IPad. Доступ усё гэта. "Read More"

Я шчаслівы кліентаў ®

Я бачу той час у будучыні, калі такія меры бяспекі, такія як гэта будзе неабходна па медыцынскіх саветаў і калегій адвакатаў. Гэты прывад дазваляе скакаць на падножку, перш чым ён нават там.

Дональд C. Кадлер, Эсквайру.

Я па-ранейшаму яшчэ больш ўсхваляваны LogmeOnce прылады. Мне патрэбна дапамога з мноствам пароляў, імёны карыстальнікаў і г.д.. Улічваючы гэтыя прамыя зробіць Інтэрнэт прасцей інструмент, чым гэта прама цяпер.

Warwick Drakeford CPA, СКП, КФП

Націсніце Esc, каб закрыць

Goodbye, Паролі.

To log in to your PC, simply pose for a photo. Click the PhotoLogin icon on your desktop, and the photo will be sent to your trusted mobile device.

Once you receive a secure photo on your (iOS/Android) device, you can approve or reject access.

Once you click “Yes, It’s me!" on your mobile device, access will be granted to your desktop. It’s that simple and user friendly! Enjoy Automatic 2FA & PasswordLess access with PhotoLogin.


ПарольLess PhotoLogin

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PhotoLogin patented and patent-pending technology enables you to log in to any website without typing a password. Log in with your photo or an image.
YOU are the NEW Identity Authority.

Што такое Mugshot?

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Keep Hackers Away.

Catch your potential identity thief in the act! Find out who may be trying to break into your account through your various devices.

(iPhone, Ipad, Android, Windows PC and laptop).

LogMeOnce   Password Manager is more advanced, secure and easy to use.

We are regarded as the Best!

Cybercrime – Protect your digital life.

LogMeOnce is the next generation of secure access!

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Login in Nanoseconds…

“No more passwords, duplicates, forgotten codes … it’s the PasswordLess era”

Business & Enterprise Editions

  • IT risk is business risk
  • Deploy modular & scalable IdM
  • Keep your business moving with IDaaS
  • Password sloppiness hurts your organization
  • Tons of features (see more)

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Consumer Edition

  • Ditch passwords
  • Explore access with PhotoLogin
  • Protection starts with automatic 2FA
  • See how your digital life can get smarter
  • Tons of features (see more)

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