Award Winning Management Team Delivers Comprehensive Password Management Suite

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LogmeOnce offers one platform, packed with multiple security layers, on one user-friendly dashboard. Easily access all your accounts (Apps) from this one dashboard, from anywhere. It’s easy to use, it’s convenient, it protects with AES-256 encryption technology. LogmeOnce simplifies your life by making it incredibly easy to protect your privacy and your online security.

Password Manager & Password Recovery Reality

Businesses “can employ every security technology, standard and protocol they can find to secure their back-end systems from intrusions. However, the greatest vulnerabilities are still found in the front end, where the end-users sit.”

password manager and password recovery

“Number one password in use in 2011? ‘Password !’

By ZDNet Technology News, 11/22/2011

“Lost or Stolen Password Problems !?”

The Problem
With too many accounts and log-ins, users mostly tend to choose weak, easy to guess passwords, and rarely change passwords, hence placing themselves at risk from fraud and identity theft. Most consumers may have dozens of password-protected accounts. Users with multiple accounts needing passwords often give up and use the same password, or a derivative of the same password for every account which makes them easy targets for hackers. When consumers are required to follow existing security policies and use various log-ins or passwords, they usually end up writing down their passwords making them easy targets.

LogmeOnce Solution
LogmeOnce dashboard offers simple user friendly password manager & password recovery access for each user to their unique web site which entails a list of all of their applications, with security protection behind each Application icon. Simply click the icon of your desired Application, and you are logged in without the need to enter a username and password each time. Your security credentials for each Application are individually secured and encrypted with your unique encryption key, that only you are aware of.

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    Time to Eliminate Multiple Passwords

    To begin, let’s summarize what LogmeOnce is all about. Simply put, you no longer need to type in Web URLs, user names and passwords. With LogmeOnce, securely Auto- login to all of your Apps with a single click.
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    LogmeOnce Login Screen

    Welcome to LogmeOnce. After you successfully sign up as a new user, you will be ready to start accessing your applications via your LogmeOnce dashboard. Type in your one and only user name and password.
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    Medium Icons View

    Single Sign-On to your accounts with LogmeOnce. Simply put, you no longer need to type in each and every Web URL, user name or even password. Using LogmeOnce, securely Auto- login to all of your Apps with a single click. Our simple dashboard is the gathering place for all of your Apps. From this centralized location, securely access and launch any of your Apps and web accounts. That’s right, using LogmeOnce, login to any App with a single click.
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    Details View

    The “Details View” is designed to provide end-users with both administration rights, as well as a simple way of accessing all of their accounts without the hassle of managing or typing multiple user names, passwords and IDs.
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    3D Flat View

    The “3D Flat View” is designed to provide end-users with an additional way to access all of their accounts without the hassle of managing or typing multiple user names, passwords and IDs.
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    Add Applications

    Search and add Apps from our catalog, preconfigured with hundreds of Apps. Or simply visit a page and LogmeOnce will automatically detect and add the website and related security details, after prompting you.
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    My Profile Tab

    Under the “My Profile” tab, you can manually add and/or update your profile with detailed information about yourself, including your favorite picture. If you prefer, you can use your Facebook account to help create your LogmeOnce profile. Simply, pull your Facebook information or even edit it manually via the “My Profile” tab.
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    Productivity Reports

    Increase productivity, overall security and access management by using reports relating to your Applications usage.
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    Real-Life Stories & Nightmares

    Passwords are yester years’ technology. Especially when you have to remember more than one password that could be weak, easy to guess, or rarely changed. Such passwords place you at risk for fraud and identity theft. You can now avoid Password Nightmares. Whether it’s about secure credentials, industry or government mandates , securing the cloud, stopping shoulder surfing, or using encryption to protect your security credentials, LogmeOnce provides you with the necessary security foundation.


With multi factor authentication linked to their account, users can build multiple layers of security to enhance all access to their data, right from their dashboard. For enhanced security, LogmeOnce encrypts both user names and passwords with their unique key (created by the user) packed with SALT and HASH (HMAC-SHA512) algorithms which are then electronically shredded with AES-256 Encryption based on NIST guidelines. Encrypted data is communicated over SSL/TLS secure tunnel based on VeriSign Digital Public/Private certificate and deposited to Amazon Cloud. User credentials, which were encrypted on the user’s browser session, is deposited and locked into the user’s Cloud Safety Deposit Box with a unique user-selected key. LogmeOnce does not have access to this (your) key. The user is the only one with access to their secure and encrypted credentials.

LogmeOnce Security Process & Deployment

LogmeOnce’s distinct security platform with password manager and password recovery technology enables users to create a strong/complex password, which is further protected by encryption, SSL, and “Industry Best Practices” and security policies.

Get Your “Free” Password Manager, Now;

Hundreds of Apps are pre-integrated for you by LogmeOnce:

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LogmeOnce Management Team’s experience includes:

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